Athletic and Stylish Workout Clothes

Athletic workout clothes have never been so chic, comfortable and stylish at the same time. Sure thing (and we all know this Hermosaz ) we want to look amazing, in every given moment.

We do our best to keep a healthy, beautiful and always fit body.  Eating healthy, working out and keeping a balanced lifestyle.

As I mentioned earlier, it is important for us to look Hermosaz even when working out.  Here are some of the most Stylish brands you need to have for your workout routine.

Eva in Athletic Apparel | Hermosaz

Outdoor Voices

Belive in doing things – moving your body and doing things with friends.
Friends that sweat together, stick together.

Pieces that play nice for every season and for any kind of activity you perform. The quality of the fabrics and the colors are perfect to fit your everyday life.

Get to know OV workout clothes and discover how they fit into each of your activities.

OV Workout Clothes | Hermosaz

The Upside

THE UPSIDE strives towards the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle through activewear as expressed by fashion insiders without abandoning functionality.

The Upside is one of the most important activewear brands in the Global Market. Always keeping the functionality and style as the main focus. Once you visit the website you realize that The Upside designs takes care of every activity. From swimwear, outerwear, yoga pants, tanks and bras.

There’s no excuse not to look stylish and active with The Upside. See for yourself here.

THE UPSIDE Frill Cropped Performance Leggings | Hermosaz

THE UPSIDE | Frill Cropped Performance Leggings $139.00

Flexi Lexi

 Flexi Lexi offers comfortable and chic sports bralettes that aren’t too tight or so loose that everything is pouring out!

It’s a Thai world-recognized yoga and activewear brand that organizes retreats in Thailand every year.  This could not sound more attractive Hermosaz. Know more about the brand, the designs and color combination.

And why not try the Retreat to the Thai Paradise here!

FLEXI LEXI Peek-a-boo Flexi Yoga Pants | Hermosaz

FLEXI LEXI | Peek-a-boo Flexi Yoga Pants $79

Kate Spade

Kate Spade has has always been synonymous with “chic style”.  There is a big probability that you are already familiar with the quality of Kate Spate products including shoes, bags, and dresses .  What better than to have the most chic products with a great price on workout line.

Now you know Hermosaz, there are no excuses not to look Hermosa while working out.

Kate Spade Active Wear | Hermosaz

Karla Vargas | Hermosaz

Karla Vargas is a fashion designer of women’s clothing and women’s shoes, and has worked in the fashion industry acting as creative director for over 15 years. After moving to the United States in 2013, she started her fashion blog as a way to keep her creativity afloat. Karla also manages her brand internationally, which she created while in college, with the purpose of empowering the industry of her hometown and support the young women and girls in their studies.