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Beauty Trend Report: Girl Power Through Makeup

There was a time when makeup and makeup kits with images of princesses, Disney characters and female superheroes were the domain of small and relatively unknown manufacturers marketing to tweens and teens.

Well, no more. The times are changing!

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Thanks to movies like “Wonder Women,” the rise of female superheroes in comic books, and more women in positions of power, the beauty industry has taken note.

This year alone we have seen several well-known retailers like Walgreens and cosmetic manufacturers like Luxie and L’Oréal form collaborations with Disney, Marvel, and DC Comics to create limited editions theme-oriented products.

Earlier this year, L’Oréal launched “The Beauty and the Beast” gift box.  Sadly, it was only available in Europe, and there is no word as of this writing when will it become available in the United States.
Bella Bestia L'Oreal | Hermosaz
Anastasia Beverly Hills has developed a makeup palette (moonchild) inspired from  “The NeverEnding Story” that reminds many women of their junior high days.

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The women of today is confident.

She is brave.

And, a true bad ass beauty babe is not afraid to use makeup brushes, at home or professionally, that not only brings childhood memories but also the girl power in her.


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