Best Hairstyles For Women

By Franchesca Marte

Disclaimer: This is for women with short hair who want to rock cute and polished hairstyles.

Summer is approaching and it’s all about the best “easy” hairstyles. I will be sharing my favorite hair styles, you can thank me later!

Low Sleek Pony-tail

Inspired by Khloe Kardashian, there’s nothing like a sleep low versatile ponytail. First, separate your hair into two parts and make sure your hairline is straight when dividing. My hair gets greasy very quick but if your hair is on the dry side, use some hair spray or gel. Personally, my favorite styling gel is from Kielh’s as it lets your hair stay still all day.

Get an elastic scrunchy (I would recommend a thick material so it gives your hair a super hold). Lastly, use small sized bobby pins, preferably gold pins because they give it a classy look.

Low Sleek Bun

I love low sleek buns! This is my go-to hairstyle. I know sometimes we don’t have time to get our hair done so this would be my first option. It literally takes only 2 minutes.

Make sure to separate your hair sideways. After, grab some bobby pins with whatever hair you have left and pin it down.

The Kim Kardashian

I mean, we cannot welcome the summer with savage sleek hair. The first step is to grab a portion of your hair and tie it with a scrunchy on the lower back of your head. Then with the rest of the hair, comb it down straight and let it loose. It will hide the scrunchy and it will give you a clean look. VOILA! You are ready.

The Classic Ponytail

Who says short hair can’t do an awesome sleek ponytail? My trick to hide the scrunchy is to take a portion of your hair and wrap it around the scrunchy then pin it down with some bobby pins. This makes the pony tail look super elegant and not basic. A much classier look!

High Bun

Follow the steps for the Classic Ponytail (above) and make sure to start wrapping your hair around the scrunchy and add pins to grab the extra loose hair. Finish the look by adding some gel or hair spray to snatch all the little loose baby hairs in one place. To complete this look I usually wear big statement earrings, just to give it a little extra glam!

About the author: Franchesca Marte is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She founded Stilspread in June 2015, a space where she can spread whatever she is loving, is most likely in style and can show how she is the queen of repeating clothing pieces and makeup. Her goal is to bring confidence to any type of woman, doesn’t matter size or color. She wants to inspire chicas to be the best in anything they wear and apply.

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