Black Shoes: an essential that you need in your wardrobe

In your closet, a good pair of black shoes is always easy to combine unlike many other shoes with different colors and patterns. That’s why, at Hermosaz, we decided to create a category with the trendiest pairs in our catalog, so you can see all the different stores and brands we can offer you.


Although black shoes are perhaps the easiest to combine, it is important that your outfits match properly. Therefore, we ’re going to tell you why it’s essential that you have a nice pair in your closet, either to wear them on your daily routine or special events.  You’ll get to know here the best tips and trends to wear them accordingly, plus the access to the most stylish pairs.

Black Shoes a must in your closet!

Black shoes must be a staple in your closet and it is important that you have more than one pair so you always have different options to go out on a date or to work. If we had to compare its importance to any other garment, the perfect black shoes are as indispensable as a white shirt; they are formal and it’s always a good idea to keep them around.

Woman with dress and black shoes

Although there are many types of pairs of shoes, colors and styles, black heels should always be in your closet; They never go out of style and are always in season. However, as you see in this category, not because they are black, they have to be just a boring pair of shoes.

There are many options for black shoes that you can find in the Hermosaz catalog and we’ll tell you why they are in the next list. Each of them will serve you on a different occasion, whether you want a casual look to be at home or something more formal for an elegant party or even for an important work meeting.

  1. Classic black sneakers: For your work, you will need a classic pair of black shoes that you can wear daily with a good tailored suit. The timeless look that they have will give you the formal look that you need, especially if you have an important meeting that is vital for your career and you have to look amazing.
  2. Black tennis shoes: Black sports shoes are also a basic for when you exercise. While whites have plenty of style, black athletic shoes like the ones we have at Hermosaz are extremely flexible so you can work out in greater comfort.
  3. Woman with black boots
  4. Black flats: Low black shoes are the most feminine and comfortable to go for a walk with your partner on a Sunday morning. Not like heels, these are just as essential as heels, the difference is these will give you a more casual look for you to wear on any other occasion.

If your closet is missing any of these three types of pairs of black shoes, you’ll find any of them in this section of the Hermosaz catalog. Here we show you all the options that all the stores we work with have; You can compare prices, brands and designers so you can buy the ones that best suit you and your style.

Make your look amazing with Black Shoes

As we told you before, these shoes are the easiest to combine; Therefore, now, we’ll tell you some styles that you can adapt perfectly with a good pair of black shoes, either for your work or for a casual look. Hopefully these ideas will help you the next time you want to wear your dark pair of shoes.

  • Black shoes with a pink dress or a tailored suit will make your clothes stand out better; pastel pink is a trend now that you can take advantage of.
  • A white dress and black shoes are a perfect combination; we suggest you wear some ankle boots and your summer look will be complete.
  • Combined with a navy blue suit, black shoes and a metallic bag, your formal look will be ready for your next work meeting.
  • Green clothes and black shoes also work perfectly; if you wear them with a green dress at an important party you will look amazing.
  • Put on black boots, a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, and your rocker look will be ready for a night out.
  • A full black look is perfect for an important meeting; a black suit, your shoes and a blouse in a contrasting color will give you the formal look you are looking for.
Now that you know why it is important to have different pairs of black shoes, go to any of the stores we work with at Hermosaz and ask for the ones you like the most. We know your style very well and we know what interests you as a Latin woman; therefore, we have the best selection of clothing and footwear that you will love.