Krizia Sánchez

​Krizia Sánchez

Residence: ​​​​​​Venezuela 

Nationality: Venezuelan

Instagram: @kriziasanchez

What do you like about being Latina?

I love being Latina, I love how authentic we are, our sense of humor and our strength... We are not easy to beat!

What does fashion mean to you and how would you define your style?

Fashion is a way of expressing at first sight your personality to the world; I would define my style as classic, feminine and trendy.

Who is your fashion icon?

Krizia the Italian designer because she risked everything to live for her true passion that was fashion and created a great legacy. My name was inspired by her; I also love Carolina Herrera, a Venezuelan who makes me proud with her good taste and creativity...

How does your culture influence your personal style?

Due to the political situation and everything that unfolds as a consequence, Venezuelans have had to emigrate; therefore enriching ourselves from the cultures of other countries... My Latin culture represents me in my femininity, however, having seen several countries and various realities, my vision is now broader, like my taste...

If your life were a movie, what should the title be?

It would take the title of the film that Julia Roberts starred in: Eat, Pray, Love ... because I think I'm still on that important journey of self-discovery.

What actresses or models do you think have the best style?

I love the style of Elsa Hosk, one of Victoria’s Secret models, it is one of my favorite styles.
Kendall Jenner also seems super top!

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