“Latina Made…” T-Shirt with Great Purpose

We have seen this trend ever since we can remember. “Good vibes Only Mexicana.”  Jackets, bags with any kind of reflection messages.

Pero esta t-shirt has one of the most important purposes for all the Latino community. Erika and Ana are the creators of this movement which is to embrace and empower.

A woman that wakes up every morning determined to fight and just do good for herself,  dice Erika.

Read the complete article here. Vas a querer tu T-Shirt when you realize where your money will go

Latina Made Not Maid T-Shirt | Hermosaz

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Karla Vargas | Hermosaz

Karla Vargas is a fashion designer of women’s clothing and women’s shoes, and has worked in the fashion industry acting as creative director for over 15 years. After moving to the United States in 2013, she started her fashion blog MyStylosophy.com as a way to keep her creativity afloat. Karla also manages her brand internationally, which she created while in college, with the purpose of empowering the industry of her hometown and support the young women and girls in their studies.