Trend Alert: Bold Earrings and Statement Earrings

If there’s one thing that we have seen at the fashion shows this year, especially Paris and Milan, is prevalence of bold earrings and statement earrings. Valentino, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein and other have sent their models through the catwalk with big and chunky, colorful and even outrageous earrings. Inspired in part from the urban styles of New York and Paris, big hoops, long drops, crystal-over-crystal studs, and funky-looking materials are all in. For some women, these types of earrings may be a bit too much. But hey–if you got they style, go for it!

Our selection is not the boldest or the most avant-garde looking, but they all are a step in the right direction and for a very good price. If you’re happy with one of our selections, send us a picture wearing them for our up-coming and revamped Instagram page.

Our Selections / Nuestras Selecciones

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