Sunnies You MUST Have In Your Closet For Spring/Summer 2018

By Jarisel Vargas

Mar, 17 2018

These retro, 90’s inspired glasses have been an ongoing trend for a couple of months that started back in fall 2017. Which I thought weren’t going to last, but as of now I think they’re here to stay! And I’m loving them! These sunnies can go from high fashion to street style! Celebrities from Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Olivia Culpo , and fashion bloggers from all around the world like Negin Mirasheli, and Camila Cohelo are adding these sunglasses to their wardrobe.There are so many different styles, colors, and different designs out there, and many can cost hundreds of dollars.

I’m always looking at what celebs and luxury bloggers are wearing and I try to find them at a more affordable prices for my followers and myself, because who said we can’t look good while being on a budget! So I went on a hunt on Instagram and I found a website of VERY affordable trendy sunnies where ANYONE can find their own style. My fashionistas I introduce you to Sunglassspot. I also have a personal friend that I met through social media and has her own online boutique where she sells jewelry and sunnies at very affordable prices. Her Instagram is @pinkheartattack go check her out! And last but not least… DRUMROLL PLEASE AMAZON! to see if they had these sunglasses for more of a variety on affordable glasses. I ended up ordering myself 4 pairs for just $50 dollars!

I love wearing sunnies because when I’m styling my outfits I’m always looking for accessories to make my outfit pop, and look edgier. As a fashion blogger on a budget I tend to choose where I will spend my money. When I think of trends I really think about where I want to invest my money in and I know that I wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece that I don’t feel that I’ll get the ultimate use for. So while saying that I am here to tell you that you can find these trendy sunnies for under $20 dollars.

Down below is how I styled the trendy sunnies we are all raving for! I hope you liked this and if you did don’t wait! Go grab yourself a pair and look like a celeb yourself!

About the author: Jarisel Vargas is from New York City and has a passion for fashion. Her blog is called From Threads To Glam dedicated to giving different ideas in fashion and beauty products and showcasing her personal style.

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