Top 5 makeup trends for this fall - winter 2020

Does it happen to you, that after so many months in quarantine, without wearing makeup, now that we are gradually getting into our activities, we can't wait to put on makeup again, but feel conflicted over the use of a face mask?

Well, I want to tell you that these trends are not only my favorites because they are very flattering but because they are focused on enhancing the look that will now be the focus of attention, they also seek to show off a natural skin without so much ideal product for the use of the mask.

1. Glowy Skin

Now with the use of face masks, skin care has become one of the most important things.

First, carry out your complete skincare routine, remember that correct hydration is key to achieving this luminous finish, and don't forget to apply sunscreen.

If you are going to use makeup base, opt for light, almost transparent textures that help match your skin tone.

Use a medium coverage concealer to correct very punctually the area of dark circles, any mark or granite.

And to give a little color and dimension to the face, use cream or liquid blushes and apply it towards the temples, since half of the face is under the mask.

The illuminator will continue to be very important in these types of looks, I recommend using it liquid or cream to keep our skin very light and natural.

2. Natural Eyebrows

Make your eyebrows look as natural as possible to maintain balance, since the focus of our makeup will be the eyes.

If you have a bushy eyebrow, just comb them up with a transparent or colored gel, if you have a few holes or a not so thick eyebrow, use an eyebrow pencil and try to draw hair by hair to achieve a natural and carefree effect.

3. Hello, Graphic Eyeliner

It's time to keep playing not only with the shape of the eyeliner, but with the colors!

Try blues, greens, and whites this season.

The cat eye will continue to be very present but this time more angular and elevated to lengthen the look.

The outline in the lower water line returns.

Complement your eyeliner with very marked lashes.

Don't be afraid of extra layers of mascara; the catwalks of this season encourage us to experiment with colors in our eyelashes: blue, red and pink were very present.

4. Shine More

Glitter makeup or just glitter shades will be your best friends.

Besides being an easy and fast trend, it is super fun and will make you look WOW!

Create metallic details in your eyeliner or you can even decorate your face with crystal applications, the Euphoria fever will continue.

5. Chalk and Watercolor

Forget spending hours blurring colors, the new trend is more minimalist and monochromatic eyelids that seem to be painted with chalk.

The retro blue color comes very strong and although you might be surely afraid of it, dare to use it! It is a very flattering color for all skin tones.

The perfect excuse to use all the shades of your palettes is here, mix and match your favorite colors on the lids the way you want.

This time there is no correct way to do it; the idea is to achieve a very trendy tie-dye effect.

And as a bonus, I couldn't stop talking about one of my favorite parts of this season, the LIPS.

Red will continue to be a classic in any of its shades, but definitely the favorite this season is the ideal burgundy for a sexy and sophisticated look.

Opt for a matte finish to avoid transfers on the mask.

My favorites that don't move with anything are the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink. 


Finally, I want to remind you that makeup is to have fun and express ourselves.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to experiment with textures, colors and shapes in our eyes; and start giving love to our skin, loving it and showing it as it is.

About the Author: Lourdes Flores

Lourdes Flores, is a professional makeup artist, a lover of the editorial world where she can experiment and let her creativity fly. If you want to see the step by step of these looks or learn more tips about makeup, you can find her on Instagram as @lulufg.

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