Top online brands that fashion editors are obsessed with

Top online brands that fashion editors are obsessed with

Photo Credit: Missguided

We all know fashion is infamous for being impatient, although we couldn't have it any other way. Window shopping to see some of the latest trends has gotten easier with online shops. Online shops are steadily growing, creating their own unique platforms, and are offering some of the best trends for anyone to explore. The 5 online shops listed below provide some of the best discounts for the latest fashion wear and have timeless styles for all the seasons to come.

1. Nasty Gal 

Whether you heard about Nasty Gal from the underrated Netflix original Girl Boss or seen influencers rock their latest wear, Nasty Gal is one of the most affordable online shops. The creation of Nasty Gal has a unique history and their continuation has taken consumers by storm. They have discounts on the latest trends, even on sale items!

2. Missguided

Missguided is a UK based shop and are treating fashionable students with extra love this upcoming season with back to college discounts. A college student knows that a great discount is the equivalent to winning the lottery, making it ever so rewarding if it's fashion. Study in style and take a breather on campus with the latest trends Missguided has to offer!

3. Top Shop

TopShop is unapologetically chic and brings new meaning to urban fashion. This UK based shop has an abundance of chic staple items for this upcoming season for all the busy girls ready to take their city by storm. You can mix and match, style it up or down, with the latest items at discounted prices.

4. Reformation 

Reformation advocates for sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. Reformation reduces the amount of water and energy used to produce fabric and materials for their clothing. The company incorporates fabrics from recyclable materials to help reduce their carbon footprint. Reformation is the perfect online shop if you are environmentally conscious and a lover for fashion!

5. Revolve 

Revolve holds an endless catalog of top designer clothing for any occasion. Virtual window shopping just got easier with this LA based shop. Revolve has an abundance of top designer wear and beauty products at discounted prices. 

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