Winter Fashion Trends 2018

With every season comes a breeze of new trends. Sometimes old trends are rejuvenated like fanny packs (which was short-lived) or new trends we never could have guessed appear such as detachable jeans (not kidding, check out “17 Weirdest Fashion Trends of 2017.”) For this winter simplicity is probably the best route, a new blazer or coat (Check out our post “Fabulosos Coats and Jackets At Affordable Prices.”) will be the stronghold of your wardrobe and red, make sure you have a lot of red pieces.

These are the top 10 fashion trends this winter of 2017 and 2018.


Red was the color of the fall season and will continue to be the quintessential color of the winter season. For example, an all black outfit with a red scarf like shown in the picture below will arouse the eyes on a weekend out.

For holiday festivities like a work party or family dinner, a red dress on black leggings with a white coat as shown below will definitely fit the bill. Don’t have a red dress? Here are some perfect red dresses featured on Spend The Holidays Con Pasion Latina In A Red Dress.

If you want to take the red trend to another level, a red suit or peacoat is a great way to accomplish that.

Cashmere Coat

Speaking of coats nothing rolls so smooth off the tongue like a cashmere coat. They’re light, comfortable, warm, feel good on the skin, and extremely fashionable for this winter season. Although on the expensive side, a cashmere coat if taken care of can last you a lifetime.
Check out Good Housekeeping’s article Mark’s & Spencer’s Cashmere Coat Is Going To Be Your Winter Go-To.


Winter season doesn’t mean it’s time for that fall blazer to start collecting dust. You can wear a wool sweater under your blazer and compliment it with a scarf. But If you’re feeling audacious, putting on a beanie as well is a great and trendy way to showcase your raw beauty. See Swiped From the Fashion Closet: Beanies.

Extra Large Trousers

If you have been prolonging opting in the XL trousers trend, winter is the perfect time to debut yourself in it. See how Jennifer Lopez pulled it off.


The sporty look is accomplished with a stylish and comfortable pair of sneakers. Sneakers are just great for those busy errand days, casual Fridays, and weekends. Check out our Best Fashion Winter Sneakers.

Designer Bags

A designer bag is the perfect companion to your winter wardrobe. If you don’t already have a bag addiction here are the designer bags (Up to 78% off!) you absolutely must consider.

See-Through Dresses

See through pieces are back and should be the trendy piece of your winter wardrobe for outings and events. Get some inspiration from how Salma Hayek sported it back in 2000.

Ankle Boots

Winter is always the inevitable boot season, but to really stick out and dominate go for ankle boots this year. Check out some looks for inspiration below:

Waist Belt

A waist belt will levitate your winter outfits. Skinny belts for work days and wide belts for nights out in the city. Red or green belts made out of alligator, leather, or suede are the perfect accessory to stay trendy this winter.

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