Yindi Valeria Jiménez

​Yindi Valeria Jiménez

Residence: ​​​​​​​​Santo Domingo,​ Dominican Republic

Nationality: Dominican

Instagram: @yindi_valeria

What do you like about being Latina?

I love what we represent as Latinos, the cultural mix that runs through our veins from our ancestors, the stories that run through every corner of Latin America, especially that we are happy and positive people, we carry a special flavor in our veins and we believe in God.

What does fashion mean to you and how would you define your style?

Fashion is more than trends that come and go with the seasons, but the touch that everyone adds and how people adjust it in their own way. I define my style as a very chameleonic. I can adjust to every occasion, it can be sexy, chic or formal, there are also days when I prefer to be comfortable and sporty. But I assure you that with each style, I add my own essence and make it mine. Everything is in the security with which you carry each piece you wear.

Who is your fashion icon?

Marilyn Monroe, for me she marked a before and after in women's fashion, in how we can highlight femininity. She changed many paradigms that existed about women's fashion and managed with her iconic image to ease the taboo of showing our curves.

How does your culture influence your personal style?

It influences a lot, since my culture is very colorful and happy. I personally love bright-colored pieces and floral prints. I am a faithful lover of fashion, which is highlighted in bright colors that represent my Caribbean culture.

If your life was a movie, what should the title be?

"Valeria will never stop dreaming"

What actresses or models do you think have the best style?

JLO is one of my favorites because of how multifaceted she is. She is also a Latin icon and has that bold touch that characterizes us. Among the models, I love Kendall Jenner, her style and how she has managed to project herself to be the highest paid model in the world.

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