Studded Decorated PU Shoulder Bag

Orig: $70.99 price: $18.59

Small Fragrance Fashion Handbag

Orig: $41.70 price: $25.44

Patch Decorated Chain Crossbody Bag

Orig: $69.99 price: $17.99

Bailey Carryall

Orig: $295 price: $177


Fleur Girlfriend Satchel

Orig: $108.00 price: $59.99

Vegan Crossbody

Orig: $59.95 price: $29.98

Valentino Bags by Mario Valentino


Orig: $995.00 price: $259.99

14th & Union
Ella Chain Crossbody Bag

price: $59.97

Faux Leather Transparent Crossbody Bag

price: $22.90

Meet More Hermosas

Leix Collins
Miss Eco International Vzla 2018
Alanyd Valencia Romero
A Mexican Fashionista and model
Julieta Agopian
A model and fashionista from Buenos Aires

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