Vanessa Estrella

A Mexican American model Vanessa Estrella from Chicago now living in the Bay Area. One of her favorites when it comes to fashion is Jennifer Lopez.

Bea Mireles

A Mexican from Barcelona, with a passion for fashion and unique lifestyle.

Stephanie Colon

A Puerto Rican Fashionista who studies nursing and has passion for fashion.

Elia Esparza

A famous latina pop singer with a passion for fashion

Ana Caluca

A Fashionista from Spain who's also a lawyer.

Laura Lopez

A Mexican fashionista, who dreams about living in NYC and become a successful Fashion Publicist. .

Evangelina Williams

A fashionista from Mexico who loves Louis Vuitton

Nadia Hernandez Meza

A Mexican fashionista, that loves photography and shares her unique style.

Allyson Barrera

A Mexican fashionista from Monterrey, owner of Bellezza Divina.