Eleine Pereira

A Brazilian fashion blogger from Spain, who want to pursue modelling too.

Gabriela Galvao

A fashionista and stylist, with passion for fashion from Brazil.

Vanessa Estrella

A Mexican American model Vanessa Estrella from Chicago now living in the Bay Area. One of her favorites when it comes to fashion is Jennifer Lopez.

Bea Mireles

A Mexican from Barcelona, with a passion for fashion and unique lifestyle.

Vanessa Velásquez

A model from El Salvador with a passion for fashion and plan to start her business based on her unique vision.

Carmen Torres Blanco

A model and fashionista from Spain with her unique style of swimwear.

Cathia Sanchez

A Mexican model living in Vallejo, her favorite designers is Negin Mirsalehi.

Mujer Del Mar

A Latina singer and songwriter who is spreading love and kindness through her song.

Neillyn Clemente

A model from Venezuela, with Venezuelan and Spain roots that admires designers Carolina Herrera.

Isabella Rubin

A Venezuelan born model from Orlando, Florida who has passion for modeling.

Barbara Ledea Ramirez

A Cuban model and actress who has a great sense of fashion and style.

Isaris Cotto

A fashionista from Puerto Rico with a passion for fashion. She will be a successful lawyer very soon.

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