The pair of earrings every Latina needs

The pair of earrings every Latina needs

I am sure some of these earrings remind you of your grandmother, yes, you can laugh… because now, you see them EVERYWHERE! 

Why? As my mother used to say, “Las modas siempre regresan”“Fashion always comes back”

Every Latina is wearing hoop earrings with basically everything and that’s because it’s the hottest accessory of the season. These hoop earrings come in a variety of sizes and colors. Whether you’re wearing jeans, a simple t-shirt or a night dresshoop earrings will complete your look. In case you needed some help finding a great pair, here’s a list for every budget.

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The pair of earrings every Latina needs
I am wearing my grandmother’s earrings! The earrings that have survived generations among Latinas

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