​5 Latin Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You
By Yazmin Magana 
At hermosaz we understand the sacrifice and courage that is required to carry out a new project. That is why we are always happy to promote Latino entrepreneurs and give them a space to share their dreams and reach more hearts. Enjoy this list of 5 Latin entrepreneurs that will inspire you to start your project! 

1. GYV
The inspiration for GYV came to me on one sunny afternoon while I was enjoying a Raspado de Mango, a sweet, tangy treat of shaved ice with mango, lime, and a hint of chile. At that moment, I reflected on how the flavors and fragrances that are so prevalent in my life have become global trends, disconnected from the people and land that first cultivated them in Mesoamerica. Ingredients like vanilla, maìz, and calabaza are sold in products across the globe but are only known as vanilla, corn, and pumpkin, with little or no mention of their origin. Here at GYV, we are in the business of positive change. Our mission is to touch the hearts of as many people as possible, and we want you to be part of our efforts to make a difference.
- Horacio Portillo, Founder
Dalia Hand Cream
Vainilla Candle
Jamaica Candle

2. CrystalDust
CrystalDust is s a brand of accessories created by Esmeralda C, a young Venezuelan who decides to capture her creative potential and her desire to transmit to current girls her way of seeing feminine garments, offering an accessible, modern and very fashionable alternative. It has a full range of tendrils, rings, necklaces and bracelets.
Gold Letter Necklace
Goddess Ear Piece
Lemon Earrings
Black Eye Earrings

3. Xipi-teca
The Birth of Cosmo Love Earrings
Flor Mini Arracadas
Corazón Dangle Earrings
Disco Hoops 

4. Vanessa Dembo 
Welcome to Vanessa Style Shop, where you can find unique handmade accessories from South America for people who want a pop of color or statement pieces for their outfits.  Being Venezuelan and living for the past 10 years in Minnesota, it has been difficult for Vanessa to find the accessories that are unique and especially touched by the hands and style of someone from South and/or Latin America. She decided to fill the void that exists on the internet and locally in this part of the United States by bringing her Venezuelan culture and style closer to the US by showcasing amazing brands and handmade pieces on her shop. 
Boho Woven Fan Black
Gold Plated-Nikel Ring
Gold Plated-Nikel Ring
Hand Painted Evil Eye 

5. Brown Badass Bonita
Educated Brown Badass Bonita
Berrinchuda pero bien Chula tee

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