5 reasons why Latinas should try Korean skincare products 

by Maria Lopez

Korean Products

Growing up as a latina woman, I struggled with stress acne especially in high school. During my senior year, I found an interest in Korean Culture and found one common trait with (in) everything I watched. They had perfectly clear skin! So, I started to research what products they used for myself.

To my surprise, my stress acne was gone! It’s been almost six years since I switched to using Korean skincare. Their products gave me a flawless look without using makeup and boosted my confidence in life. 

You may ask yourself why people are jumping onto this trend. More importantly, why should you? Here are the 5 reasons I think you should.

1. All about healthy skin

Hydrating, nourishing and repairing your skin with enhanced skin features, and giving you a youthful-looking glow are just some of the effects you can get from Korean skincare.

The Korean skincare industry is dedicated to giving women and men a nourished skin look as well as effortlessly perfect look at all times with or without makeup. They believe that skincare comes first and makeup comes second.

Through my skincare journey, I found it's about dedication and time investment. People in South Korea use three or even more types of moisturizers and cleansers a day to achieve their healthy skin. This may seem a bit exaggerated for those unfamiliar with extensive skin care routines, but one thing for sure is that it always gives you the results you want.

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2. All Natural Ingredients

After months of researching various ingredients used in both Korean and non-Korean skincare products, only the Korean ones actually use what they claim to be. Here are two examples of many. 

Korean skincare product
Korean skincare

3. All About Prevention 

The philosophy of Korea skincare products  also focus on prevention rather than just treatment. They believe that getting to the root of the skin's problems leads to longer-lasting results. For instance, before you get pimples, you should use formulas that prevent pimples; before getting wrinkles, use products, such as face masks and moisturizers that help revitalize the skin.

Korean skincare

4. Technology and Innovation 

The skincare industry in South Korea knows that both the local and global markets not only have soaring demands for high-quality products, but also have increasing knowledge about the products and their effectiveness as well as international competitors.

In order to keep their customers, they can only continue to increase their standards for product quality to achieve the best skincare results with innovative technology . Thanks to South Korea, we can now enjoy skin capsules, sheet masks, pimple patches, and eye masks globally.

Korean skincare

5. Value for your money 

As compared to other skincare products out there in the market, Korean skincare is one that values results for every penny spent. You'll be impressed by how inexpensive Korean products are while giving you long lasting results. 

Korean skincare

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