A Latina’s Travel Beauty Essentials

By: Ivonne Morales
IG: @Latinachictravels

I am a huge fan of traveling and ever since I can remember I would always over pack this category and noticed that I would only use specific products and would just make space in my luggage for the items that I did not used which was super annoying! I have come down to these beauty essentials that will change your life not only while traveling but will save you tons of space in your luggage and this is coming from a chica that only travels carryon, yep I said Carryon!

Face Masks are a huge impact on my trips because they are life savers after my flight. As soon as I am in my hotel room and have showered, I always use a face mask to hydrate my face because being in the air for more than an hour will dry your face so much and cause breakouts therefore to avoid this, I recommend you use a very hydrating face mask. It will also relax you too which is a huge plus because traveling is tiring.

Egg Cream Mask Hydration Set

Price: $24.00

Water Mist is a also another essential I bring, this has saved my face in very humid tropical locations which comes in handy for a cool refreshment. I also apply this because having my face hydrated all day has treated my skin so good to avoid any breakouts that are caused by travel. This Tarte setting mist works in 4 ways -primes, sets, hydrates and refreshes skin while locking down makeup.

travel size Rainforest of the Sea™

4-in-1 setting mist

Price: $12.00

Clear Lip Gloss and a bold lipstick is all you need to make your makeup look extra. I can go for a natural look or bold makeup look. If I am in a tropical place I tend to not even wear foundation and just let my tan glow literally glow and by adding lip gloss or even a red bold lip will make all the difference I need. I have saved so much space with makeup from this new trick and I have the following photos to proof it!

Lip Gloss Favorite:


Price: $17.00

Bold Lip Favorite:

ARRIBA! Ultra Matte Lip

Price: $6.50

Tinted SPF CC cream has been definitely my foundation replacement, for those who really can’t live without putting coverage on their face this is the best route to go for light weight travel essential and it has a SPF of 50+ which is a major necessity for our face because most of the time we forget to protect our face from the sun and this creates sun spots which will start popping with age, so lets just avoid that!

IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+

Price: $38.00

This face cream has been so good as a travel face cream because it is hydrating and amazing to my skin for anti aging as well. Traveling should definitely not be an excuse to phase your daily beauty routine for anti aging because you definitely are not phasing your aging. Always keep your beauty habits going no matter where you are because your skin will thank you later on and you will get those wonderful “you don’t look your age” comments. This cream comes in travel size and is cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free which are all music to my ears!!!


Price: $34.00

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