Dark circles happen to the best of us. Whether they materialized due to a night of overindulgence, seasonal allergies, or sleep deprivation, making them disappear requires the same correct and conceal strategy. So we asked a couple of pros how to fake brighter eyes.


Prep Step

While makeup instantly camouflages darkness, it’s important to also use a long-term solution like an eye cream. Though a richer formula is fine before bedtime, priming under-eyes for concealer requires a lighter option. Makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor suggests sticking to a fast-absorbing lightweight gel cream that won’t make “your concealer run.”

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Neutralize Darkness

Color theory comes into play here with peaches or pinks counteracting “blue, grey and brown tones in under-eye circles,” explains Sotomayor. Most people will be perfectly fine using a concealer with said undertones to neutralize and brighten, makeup artist Vanessa Scali says. But if that doesn’t do the trick, Sotomayor recommends priming with a color corrector—pink works on fair skin and peach on medium to dark tones—before layering concealer on top.

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Don’t Let It Settle

In addition to choosing a concealer with a pink or peach undertone, the right formula should “go on smoothly without looking cake-y, but should dry down enough that it won’t crease much,” says Scali. To ensure you won’t get crease-y post application, Scali suggests applying concealer after eye makeup but before lips, cheeks, and brows. “This way, concealer has time to set, and if it creases a little bit, which is normally right after you apply it, then you have a chance to blend it smooth and add more powder if needed.”

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Set It

To make sure concealer stays exactly where you left it, Scali recommends dusting the area with a bit of translucent setting powder. To get the best possible finish, she suggests avoiding “mineral powders, which can be shiny and accentuate creases around the eyes,” and cake-prone full-coverage formulas.

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