Accessories for summer 2021

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Hello hermosaz! 
Since the pandemic, we have been more in contact with the outside world through our computers than anything else.

When it comes to dressing we've been cheating a bit and only dressing from the waist up since it is the only part that is seen through the computer.

For this reason accessories are very important at this time!

And today I bring you a list of the top accessories for this summer 2021.
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Headbands are a very feminine accessory, in case you don't remember we used them when we were little girls! Well, this piece is very charming and versatile when it comes to dressing. And it has been very strong for some seasons.
Hermosaz x Belanoia Scarf


As we already know, scarves are an essential piece for this spring. Normally we can find them in different shades and patterns and they help us to enhance our outfits. First they were neck scarves, now they can be used in different ways, whether on the hair, wrist or even as a top in summer. How are you going to use it?
Hermosaz x Belanoia aretes desiguales

Mismatched Earrings

Who said this trend would not return? I remember when I was in my teen years, they were super trendy! And as you can see, they are coming back. This trend is about wearing a small earring in one ear and in the other one larger or different from the other. This trend seems very cool to me. Do you dare to use them? Shop now for gold plated earrings online in different ranges.
Hermosaz x Belanoia aretes

Earrings on the Whole Ear

As we already saw in the latest catwalks, earrings are an IT accessory for this year. Especially small earrings of different styles together in the same ear. First we started with 2 or 3 in one ear, but right now we are seeing 6-7 together. Remember the more you wear, the more fashionable you will be. And if you are one of those who doesn't like piercing your ear several times, you can also choose to use clip-on styles, so there is no excuse not to use them!
Hermosaz x Belanoia cadenas grandes

Large Chunky Chains

The oversized chains will also be a super piece to have this season. You can find them in different materials and thicknesses. The idea is to have one to lift your look, when it comes to dressing.

Small Bags

This was a very strong trend last year. But we went from mini bags where you couldn't fit anything to a little bigger bags, where at least your cell phone or your wallet fits! I love this trend when it comes to dressing.
Hermosaz x Belanoia bolso pequeño
Hermosaz x Belanoia Gorras de baseball

Baseball Caps

These caps will be a super garment! You already know that trends are increasing towards comfort, and that is why we will see caps as a fundamental part of our outfits, either in a more formal outfit to give it that casual look or even with the typical set of pants. The best site to buy caps for womens online at a discount price.

Bucket Hat


This bucket hat is a very accessible garment when it comes to dressing. Since it helps us to cover ourselves from the sun and be comfortable at the same time without leaving behind that 90's touch.
Hermosaz x Belanoia bucket hat
We hope this article has helped you learn about the latest accessory trends so that you look amazing when you make your next Zoom call or complete your looks this summer 2021. 

About our Fashion Editor: Evelyne Aguilar “Belanoia”

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