Pointed Toe Side Zip Block Heel Booties

Orig: $74.99 price: $25.99

Side Zip Buckle Decor Chunky Boots

Orig: $87.99 price: $30.59

Side Zipper Knee-High Pointed Toe Heels Boots

Orig: $104.99 price: $47.25

Naturalizer Luna

price: $88.95

Cicada Women's Winter Boots

Orig: $49.99 price: $33.99

Harness Ankle Booties

Orig: $36.99 price: $20.00


Orig: $169.99 price: $79.99

Tommy Hilfiger
Ilia Riding Boots

Orig: $129.00 price: $64.50

ASOS KATCHER Heeled Over The Knee Boots

Orig: $79.00 price: $23.50

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Are you a fan of Sustainable Fashion? Do you like to go buy second-hand things and give them a second chance? Or are you one of those people who think that's not cool? Well, let me tell you that I was one of those people, until one day I went into a vintage store and I found a scarf from a very famous Italian brand. Since then I fell in love and became a fan of the Thrift Shops.

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