These were our favorite Valentine’s Day looks

Hermosaz San Valentin Clau Rodriguez

These were our favorite Valentine's Day looks Valentine's Day looks
The day of love came and went, but those photos of the day will live forever...

And how can we not commemorate those outfits for our beloved Latinas who always add extra flavor to their looks of the day?

These are the best Valentine x Hermosaz looks.

Bianny Valerio

Dominican Republic

Bianny tells us that her look was inspired by seeing that red outfit hanging in her closet on the morning of February 14, 2021, in which I remembered that Valentine's Day is not a special date just because people decide to show more than every day his affection for others. The beautiful Dominican confirms that Valentine's Day is the right time to show ourselves how much we love each other.

It is that date in which you don't dress in red just because! Rather, you do it because you give meaning to the holiday, and my concept this year is self-love.

Yuleydy González Luna

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Yuleydy's outfit was inspired by a model at one of her favorite stores. She tells us that she was struck by the finish on the shoulders, which make her look even more elegant. The Dominican tells us that she gave the idea of combining it with the silver shoes to have a slightly more subtle color in the accessories and thus not take away the prominence of the dress. The beautiful Yuleydy invites us to think that every day we should let them know how much we care about our loved ones - and she also told us that this day she had an incredible time, having a super pleasant day full of beautiful moments, in a very nice restaurant in her country.

For me these dates are extremely special since it is a day in which we take time to please our friends and partner.


Dania Santillanes

Mexicali, Baja California, México

From Mexicali, Dania tells us that by choosing her outfit with pink as a base she wanted to express reciprocity, the joy that comes from being able to return to people even a little of what they have given her with their love, especially in these times. Pink is the color of feelings, pink is soft, kind, delicate and sensitive but also erotic, combining it with red they make a boom together, excellent for February 14 - that's how Dania describes it.

I chose to make this outfit for Valentine's Day combining feminine and romantic.

Kendra De Leon Hinojosa

Eakly, Oklahoma, USA / Tamaulipas, MX

Kendra, proudly Mexican, tells us that every night before falling asleep she automatically begins to imagine herself in the possible combinations of “outfits” that she could create. For that reason, as Valentine's Day approached, she knew she wanted to wear something red or pink. Kendra shares that luckily, she has a sister-in-law who is dedicated to designing shirts for every occasion, her page is called 3c_Creations333She made her the "Loads of Love" T-shirt. Kendra decided to combine the shirt with a leather skirt and a black concho belt. The day of love turned out to be a very cold day with a lot of snow, so Kendra decided to add tights with rhinestones and her mother's red coat. Kendra tells us that she doesn't normally wear coats for her photos but since it was getting too cold and snowing too much, in the end the red coat added the finishing touch that complemented the look. Clearly we all loved it!

Life is about seizing every moment. Although things do not always turn out well, one makes the decision to be happy or not. I choose happiness, next to my family and my wonderful boyfriend.

Natalia Padilla - Oviedo

McAllen, Texas, USA originally from CDMX

From Texas, the beautiful Natalia tells us that her idea for this outfit was something very fashionable with black and white to accentuate the very seasonal red accessories, such as the headband and earrings. Without a doubt, the red lipstick makes her Latin beauty shine even more!

The very Valentine's essential accessory: @TheLovelyBouquet roses.

Alessandra Rossetti

Antofagasta, Chile

Alessandra, tells us that her idea for this day was to make a different outfit, much more daring and sensual. For that she used the black color that is elegant and sophisticated, ideal for a dinner, but in the same way she incorporated eco-leather texture. This texture gives it a much more “sexy” touch, She complemented it with an animal print blazer, a trend that never goes out of style and that also makes us look more daring. Alessandra tells us that her Valentine's Day was spent with a friend and they had an incredible time, that is why she left the "tender" a bit and took a risk with something more "sexy."

I chose red shoes and lipstick, the color of love and passion, In this way I got a more daring Valentine's outfit but without neglecting love, which is what is celebrated.


México City, MX

Joy, who always wins us over with her original and fun photos, shares that her friends motivated her with their photos by wanting to take a picture in that place. I love wearing the colors of each spot I visit and in this case it would not be the exception, says the Mexican fashionista. That dress is a charm and finally it's time to shine. Joy tells us that while in the middle of the shooting they made reference to Sex and the City (Carrie Bradshaw), her friends said that the look inspired an air of her. Although the red beret remains pending, without a doubt this is one of the best Valentine's looks we have seen!

I had always wanted to use red / pink, long ago I thought it was a very risky combination. Valentine confirmed otherwise.

Gene Torrellas

Caracas, Venezuela

The Venezuelan model, Gene, tells us that her look was inspired by the Greek goddesses, in the love that has always existed since ancient times; hence the color red, which symbolizes love. I only had the red dress in my closet, but when I got to the photo session my makeup artist and photographer @mila_fotography gave it that Greek touch that I wanted with that metal leaf headband that makes us travel through photography, the beautiful model shares with us.

I felt fantastic to see the end result for this very special day, that we celebrate not only love for others but also our own.

Esmeralda Chavez

Miami, Florida, USA originally from Venezuela

Esmeralda, one of our beautiful spoiled women, who in addition to being a fashionista by nature, is an entrepreneur and owner of Crystal Dust Designs. Her jewelry was born in Venezuela 6 years ago. She tells us that for the Valentine's Day collection they made a special collaboration with the model @carolinadelgadofit and took out several pieces inspired by love, spirituality, empowerment and good vibes. All the accessories are 18k gold plated and they have us in love.

These locks represent eternal love and are inspired by the locks that lovers use on bridges in Paris to put their initials and wish each other eternal love.

Claudia Rodriguez

Atlanta, GA, USA originally from El Salvador

Claudia, originally from El Salvador, is one of our favorite makeup artists and for this day of love, we fell even more in love. Claudia is passionate about makeup and fashion, and this look was inspired by love. The photo was taken in New York, since I always wanted a photo that represents what I like and what better than in the city that is always at the forefront of fashion, she shares with us.

I wanted to wear red because for me it represents passion, passion for what I do.

Yenevie (Yeye) Santana

Phoenix, Arizona, USA originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

From Phoenix, USA, Yenevie shares her style with us through social media and we want to tell you: we love it! As everyone knows this year, Valentine's Day was a little different from previous years due to the pandemic we are experiencing. But it's still signs of celebration - even at home - so Yeye got creative. She looked for balloons, flowers, chocolates, cookies, champagne, strawberries, and she borrowed a huge bear from one of her nieces and decided to decorate an entire area of the living room.

As for her outfit, she decided to wear a classic little black dress with transparent sleeves with a polka dot design and lace stockings, for a classic, romantic and feminine touch. For the accessories she added simple pearl earrings and a soft and natural makeup, the combination was perfect, classy and fashionable.

My boyfriend was delighted with the decoration, the food and we had a great time celebrating together at the house. Without a doubt a Valentine without waste.

Leyani Trujillo

Miami, Florida, USA originally from Cuba

The beautiful Cuban, Leyani tells us that she chose red for her dress and heels because it is the color of love. She definitely made us all fall in love with her outfit!

It was a day full of love. I had a great time with my partner and friends. We celebrated that day just how it should be.

Don't forget to follow these beautiful Latinas on social media to inspire your next outfit!

These are the affordable makeup brands you should know

These are the affordable makeup brands you should know

affordable makeup brands
When it comes to makeup sometimes it can be a bit expensive.

Most of the time affordable brands have the same exact quality or even better for some products at a cheaper cost. 

Who doesn't like saving money?

Here are 5 affordable makeup brands that you can find at your local drugstore!

Colourpop Cosmetics

Colourpop is very well known for their beautiful blushes. They have a very big range for all skin tones. They have matte and shimmery blushes. They also have both powder or cream blushes depending on your skin type and what you prefer. They are super inexpensive and last ALL DAY! Colourpop also has the most beautiful packaging, from Hello Kitty to Candy land, the packaging is so adorable and perfect to set it up on your vanity.
NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics has been in the market for a very long time. They are one of the top inexpensive brands that have so much to offer. One of their products that you can never go wrong with is their lip glosses. They stay on for hours! They have over 30 different shades. You can go from a dark brown all the way to the perfect nude. Lipgloss is what completes the look, and the NYX Butter Glosses are both pigmented and affordable.
Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild has one of the best eyeliners that can be found at a drugstore. Sometimes it's hard to find a matte eyeliner that won't smudge. The Wet N Wild Break Up Proof eyeliner is definitely worth a try. It is waterproof and will stay on ALL DAY WITH NO SMUDGES! This one is matte black but they have different colors to choose from.
e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics is hands down the best affordable makeup brand. They have the most full coverage concealer that will cover any imperfection! They have an amazing shade range with over 20 different colors with all types of undertones. The formula is full coverage and it wears so beautifully. You can use it to both highlight and contour your face and your skin will look flawless and airbrushed! The e.l.f. Camo Concealer deserves all the hype it gets!
Morphe x James Charles


If you are looking for inexpensive eyeshadow palettes that have amazing pigmentation look no further. MORPHE has so many different pallets with every color you can think of and blend seamlessly. They have shimmers, mattes, pressed glitter, you name it, they have it! They have color coordinated pallets for any colorful look you want to do. The James Charles Palette is one of their most sold palettes that has the perfect balance of neutrals and colorful shades!
We hope this article has helped you learn more about affordable makeup brands so you can look and feel beautiful, without hurting your wallet.

About the author: Maira Garcia

Maira is a beauty and makeup enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram to get inspired with her makeup looks @mairita_garcia.

Did you know that each skin type needs a different facial moisturizer?

Did you know that each skin type needs a different facial moisturizer?

Finding the right moisturizer that suits your skin type can be difficult and can be continual trial and error.

Hermosaz wants to guide you in the right direction to find the right facial moisturizer.

We have created a list of facial moisturizers that are perfect for every skin type that we know you will love!
Cosrx Snail Creme

Dry skin


Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream

This Snail 92 All in One Cream is made with snail secretion and hydraulic acid yet, snail secretion may sound gross to put on your skin, but it is actually very beneficial and delivers hydration, supports healthy skin care, and brightens skin tone. While the hydraulic acid is deeply absorbed onto your skin to deliver hydration reducing redness and dryness.
Tonymoly green tea

Oily skin


The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream

Green tea formulas are perfect for oily skin types because it doesn't leave skin looking greasy or shiny. This green tea moisturizer by TONYMOLY is filled with 63% fermented green tea. The fermentation gives the green tea higher benefits in combating oily skin. The light texture will provide soothing skin and revitalizing skin texture so you don't have to go about your day with greasy skin but instead a healthy complexion.
Belif true cream

Combination skin


The True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb

Combination skin is both dry and oily combined. It may sometimes be difficult to find a lotion that targets both areas. This moisturizer is ideal for people with oily skin who want to combat the oily shine in the nose and forehead and dryness around the face's cheek area. The Belif cream is light-weight and delivers instant hydration but also minimizes the appearance of pores.
Peach&Lily matcha pudding cream

Normal skin

Peach & Lily

Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream

Matcha isn't just a good drink or dessert but can also be beneficial to put on your skin! Luckily people with normal skin are known for their well-balanced skin texture that is neither too oily or too dry or sensitive. This matcha cream helps with wrinkle care, brightening, dark spots, and anti-inflamation caused by acne. This cream is perfect for protecting your skin against harsh environment pollution when you're on the go and excess sun exposure. It's a perfect day cream for normal skin.
Cosrx Propolis light cream

Sensitive skin  


Full Fit Propolis Light Cream

When you have sensitive skin using the wrong face moisturizer can either be beneficial or harmful to your skin. Which is why finding the right moisturizer is important. When looking for a moisturizer it is important to look for one with natural ingredients so as to not irritate or cause acne. COSRX products are known for their natural skin-friendly ingredients that can help alleviate irritated skin. This moisturizer is filled with 65.69% bee propolis that is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient to give soft and hydrated skin. Your sensitive skin will love the non greasy and lightweight texture.
We hope this article helped you learn about the right facial moisturizer for your skin type.

About the author: Maria Lopez

 Maria is a skincare enthusiast. Follow her YouTube channel for more tips to take care of your skin.

Here at Hermosaz we love florals!

Look del dia - editino san Valentin

Look of the Day x Hermosaz

This Valentines day if you want to wear floral print for a date but not sure what kind of dress... Hermosaz recommends this yellow long floral print dress that will be cute, casual, and let you stand out from the usual reds or pinks used during valentine's day. We know you will love this dress as much as we do for its design and feminine look.

valentines look of the day
Influencer's Favorite
Bolsa coach

Bag, Coach

White and gold is undoubtedly one of the best combinations. This bag is the perfect accessory to any outfit.
Vestido Floral

Dress, Lea & Viola

The key piece of this look is on sale! Its regular price is $30.00 USD and today you pay only $34.99 USD.

Lipstick, Kevyn Aucoin

Just irresistible...
Influencer's Favorite

Heels, VINCE

If you still don't have white heels in your closet, what are you waiting for? It is important to invest in the key and basic pieces of your wardrobe, such is the case with these shoes. Quality and style in one place!

Necklace, Baublebar

The last touch to this look is a golden necklace that will highlight your neck in the best way. Take advantage of this offer, the regular price is $48.00 USD.

Here at Hermosaz we love animal print

look of the day

Look of the Day x Hermosaz

Here at Hermosaz we love animal print. If you're feeling bold this Valentine's Day we recommend this cheetah print long silk skirt with a  black crop top and small black heels. For when you're going out to an afternoon lunch with that special someone in your life this Valentine's day.

look of the day
Favorite by Influencers

Skirt, Moon River

The main piece of this outfit is this animal print skirt. It is one of the pieces that will never go out of style!

Top, Cliché Reborn

We not only love fashion, but also quality! A top that you can wear with almost everything - Yes, please!
ysl bag

Bag, Saint Laurent 

Saint Laurent is undoubtedly one of our favorite brands for its quality and style. Choose from several designs at Hermosaz.

Lip Gloss, Sisley Paris

A lip gloss that will impress you with its quality and innovative formula.

Heels, AEYDE

Comfortable heels, so you can enjoy Valentine's night to the fullest without worries.

Kellyexis Maita

Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis Maita
What do you like about being a Latina?

I love that Latinos are always happy despite any circumstance we always get ahead. My skin color is the essence of being Latin, the culture we have, the music, the way we dress, I love everything.

What does fashion mean to you and how would you define your style?

Fashion is the center of everything, it simply talks about each person, their style, their way of thinking, each person has a different style when dressing. Simply without fashion we would be a very gray world without color without style and without life. My style is very casual but at the same time very elegant depending on the place or moments, I am very fresh.

Who is your fashion icon?

Carolina Herrera, is super elegant and fresh.

Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis Maita
How does your culture influence your personal style?

We are loosing out culture... Nowadays, almost all the stereotypes stimulated by many people have been broken that the truth from my point of view is very good, culture is life. My culture is very beautiful since I do almost everything I love; modeling, dancing, singing, acting. For me, culture is like music without it it would not make sense.

If your life were a movie, what should the title be?

Every adversity is an opportunity to learn.

What actresses or models do you think have the best style?

I love the style of Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Carmen Villalobos, Penelope Cruz and Emma Watson.

Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis Maita

shop by category

Don’t know what to wear for Valentines day yet? Let Hermosaz help you.

Red Tweed Dress

Don't know what to wear for Valentine's day yet?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and here at Hermosaz we want to help you look your best this Valentine's Day. We have created a list of five different colors that will keep you on the latest trends and styles this Valentine's Day. We have created this list based on colors that are sure to make anyone fall in love. Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love and friendships and what better way to celebrate this occasion than by looking amazing.

Hermosaz has created a list of styles in these different colors to wear this Valentine. We want to be your guide in choosing the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion. With so many options and styles to choose from, you may even want to celebrate Valentine's Day more than once this year.

1. Styles in white

This Valentine's day we have chosen six different styles of white dresses that will keep you looking your best for your date this Valentine's day. White is an easy color to accessorize that you will find that adding color to any of these white dresses will not be difficult and you will look your best.

White is a simple color that is never out of style.


White Cotton Lace Midi Dress

White Cotton Lace Midi Dress

Wearing a dress doesn't have to be uncomfortable. This dress is the perfect combination of beautiful and comfy.
Dress ava bright white

Dress Ava Bright White

This dress will leave your date saying "WOW". The perfect dress in between sexy and elegant.

Compact Knit Tank Dress

You will not find a better price and quality in a single garment. You can also use it with strips or without!
white romeo dress

White Romeo Dress

We love the neckline of this dress, as it adds more character!
white lace dress

White Lace Dress

The lace of this dress gives it a romantic touch, perfect for this day.
Sleeveless dress

White Sleeveless Dress

If you are one of those who prefer a simpler dress, this is the perfect dress.

2. Styles in red

Here at Hermosaz we have found six different styles that use red tones. We know you will fall in love with this Valentine's day. These dresses are perfect for date nights and show how Valentine's day is all about red colors and fashion.

Red is a color that is used to symbolize Valentine's day.


ruffle sleeve floral dress

Ruffle-Sleeve Floral Dress

Florals are always more fun. And this flowy dress is just that.
Lea Silk Dress In Red

Lea Silk Dress In Red

We love this sexy silk dress. The epitome of Valentine's Day.
Red Tweed Dress

Red Tweed Dress

The perfect combination of a modern and classic dress at the same time.
Handmade Red Dress Satin Naked Back Plunging

Handmade Red Dress Satin

A gorgeous deep V neckline with adjustable straps. We also love how feminine and comfortable it is. This dress is flowy and elegant and can be worn both day and night!
Ruffle Hem Midi Dress

Ruffle Hem Midi Dress

Precious in its simplicity, this red Carolina Herrera dress is perfect for dancing. It fits flawlessly through the hips before widening to a soft ruffled hem.
Azaelea Red Guipure Lace Midi Dress

Azaelea Red Guipure Lace Midi Dress

Feel flirtatious on this special day with this outfit. You will not find a better price and quality in a single garment.

3. Styles in beige

We love neutral colors here at Hermosaz. We found different styles that we are sure you will love to wear to an afternoon date with that special someone in your life.

What better way to keep style simple and chic this Valentines Day then using beige tones on dresses.


beige dress

Beige Dress

Feel comfortable and confident from day to night with this perfect piece that can be worn alone or in layers.

Beige Sequins Dress

This beautiful beige spaghetti strap dress features a scoop neckline with a racer back and floral sequin designs throughout.
bias cut slip dress

Bias Cut Slip Dress

Crafted from silky smooth fabric and cut on the bias for a more flattering silhouette, this simple slip dress helps you look and feel your best.
Snakeskin Print Cami Dress

Snakeskin Print Cami Dress

Put on something a little more captivating and take on the trendiest print of the season with this camisole-inspired body-con dress.
sweater dress

Crewneck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

This classic crew neck sweater-dress is knitted with woolen yarns for a warm and sophisticated look.
Perry Rib Midi Dress

Perry Rib Midi Dress

Show off your figure in this versatile dress with short sleeves and finished with a slightly flared hem. Perfect for a relaxed Valentine's Day.

4. Styles in black

You want to wear black this Valentine's day? No problem, here at Hermosaz we have created looks that will let you look elegant and beautiful this Valentines day. This Valentine's day red and pink are not the only colors in trend. Black dresses are such a great way to let you look elegant and fashionable for your date night.

Black colors are easy to accessorize and will never be out of style.


 Move your mouse on image to zoom in. To pan, move your mouse around the image. Lea Silk Mini Dress In Black imageLea Silk Mini Dress In Black imageLea Silk Mini Dress In Black image Lea Silk Mini Dress In Black

Lea Silk Mini Dress In Black

This dress is ruffled and gathered in all the right places to flatter the waist and hips. You can wear it with simple jewelry, flat sandals or high heels.

Fiona Black Dress

We are obsessed with this side cinch dress! It is perfect for a simple but edgy look. Pair it with boots to complete your look.
Bailey 44

Bailey 44 Bush Sheath Dress

This little black dress is perfect for a special date. 😉
Viola Ruffle Wrap Dress

Ruffle-Trimmed Wrap Dress

We loved this dress because it has that fluidity and comfort but sophistication at the same time.
Black Manhattan Dress

Black Manhattan Dress

Although the weather can be a bit cold, don't let it stop you from wearing a dress. These long sleeves will keep you a little warmer.
 Move your mouse on image to zoom in. To pan, move your mouse around the image. Handmade Black Dress Satin Naked Back Plunging imageHandmade Black Dress Satin Naked Back Plunging imageHandmade Black Dress Satin Naked Back Plunging imageHandmade Black Dress Satin Naked Back Plunging imageHandmade Black Dress Satin Naked Back Plunging image Handmade Black Dress Satin Naked Back Plunging

Handmade Black Satin Dress

Feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. Even if you don't see it in this photo, the dress has a bare and sexy back!

5. Styles in pink

This Valentine's day wearing pink has never looked so easy. We have chosen six different styles of pink dresses and patterns that you will love and be able to look your best in pink tones that will let you look picture perfect for Valentine's day. Pink and red are used to symbolize Valentine's day.

What better way than to use a pink dress to look chic and simple. 


Long Sleeve Double Breasted Wool Blazer Dress

Long Sleeve Double Breasted Wool Blazer Dress

Mix business with pleasure in this sophisticated pink dress.
Feather Hem Long Sleeve Blazer Dress

Feather Hem Long Sleeve Blazer Dress

This striking dress lets you add an elaborate belt or skip it to make it incredibly simple.
Starlet Sequin Rose Lace Sleeveless Dress

Starlet Sequin Rose Lace Sleeveless Dress

Treat yourself to flowers with this floral lace dress. It will give a romantic touch to your look.
The Celeste Dress

The Celeste Dress

You can find this little lace dress in the most beautiful shade of peony pink. Featuring delicate sheer lace and a hemline, the feminine silhouette adjusts to flatter the waist and becomes a loose mini skirt.
Floral Ruffle Midi Dress

Floral Ruffle Midi Dress

Pretty puffed sleeves frame this fantastic chiffon dress adorned with romantic ruffles.
Kalani Floral Print Midi Dress

Kalani Floral Print Midi Dress

Metallic threads add subtle sparkle to this midi dress with a gathered bodice and ruffle at the neckline.

Catch cupid with these 5 makeup looks for Valentine’s Day

Catch cupid with these 5 makeup looks for Valentine's Day

By Maira Garcia

Foto de San Valentín

Valentine's Day has arrived and with it, new makeup trends so you look more beautiful than ever!

Whether you spend the day with that special person or on a video call with girl friends, we want you to feel your best and enjoy this day by celebrating LOVE.

Below we share 5 trending makeup looks:

1. Soap eyebrows

cejas para San Valentín

Soapy brows are in full effect this time of year!

You can never go wrong with a simple cute feathery brow.

Natural-looking brows are perfect for Valentine's Day because they will be perfect all night for all the fun you will be having.

cejas para san valentin

2. Red and matte lips

Labios rojos para San Valentín

A classic sassy red lip is a Valentine's Day essential!

It will make your lips look full and plump to keep them in the spotlight.

A bold lip also gives you the confidence to feel beautiful from the inside out.

labial rojo para san valentin - Too Faced color lady balls

3. Pink or gold eyeshadow shades

Ojos rosas o dorado para San Valentín

Wearing a beautiful bright pink or gold eyeshadow is sure to turn heads on your date.

Don't be shy! Try new things and use it with confidence!

You can make it as dramatic or as simple as you like. This palette has so many shades to choose from. Let your creativity shine.


4. Illuminated skin

Radiant skin will always be welcome, no matter if it is a special date!

Having that glow from within can make you look naturally radiant and beautiful.

Don't be afraid to pack the highlighter! Be the shining star that you are.

Anastasia highlighter perfecto para san valentin

5. Soft and voluminous lashes

Pestañas coquetas para San Valentín

Lashes are one of the most important parts of any look.

Flirty, wispy lashes are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Grab the attention of your date with flirty lashes! Get fascinating eyes and captivate with your gaze.


We hope you like these makeup tips and have a Valentine's Day as beautiful as you are!

Simple, yet elegant outfit to celebrate Valentines day

Look of the Day x Hermosaz

Getting ready for your date night? This Valentine's day here at Hermosaz we have chosen this black blazer outfit as a perfect staple piece to wear for Valentine's day date night. It is a simple yet elegant outfit that you will fall in love with this Valentines day.

Influencer's Favorite
aretes tory burch

Earrings, Tory Burch

These sparkly hearts will look amazing any day of the year, but even more on Valentine's! Shine with style.
labial x hermosaz

Lipstick, Vapour Beauty

This lipstick is literally called high voltage, you sure need it on Valentine's Day!

Bag with Logo, Balenciaga

Balenciaga is undoubtedly one of our favorite brands for its quality and style. Choose from several designs at Hermosaz.

Blazer Dress, Jay Godfrey

Simple, but elegant this is the most important piece of the look.

Heels, Senso

Comfortable heels to make the most of Valentine's night without worries.