5 skincare products that will give you flawless skin under $30

Female with hair towel

5 skincare products that will give you flawless skin

under $30

by Maria Lopez

Female with hair towel

Taking care of your skin is essential but that doesn't mean it should hurt your wallet. 

Hermosaz wants you to feel your best while still saving money in the process.

We have created a list of 5 skincare products you will love that will cleanse and moisturize your skin giving you a flawless complexion while saving money in the process.

Talk about a win-win situation!

1. Cosrx Oil-free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap

If you have read our previous article “5 reasons to try Korean skincare”, then this brand will be familiar to you. 

COSRX is a Korean skincare company who focus on treating skin concerns for all skin types.

This lotion is extremely hydrating and contains 70% willow bark water known as birch sap.

Birch Sap is a natural ingredient full of vitamins and antioxidants that helps hydrate dry skin and oily skin as well as calming irritated skin.

You will love the hydrated and non-greasy feeling this lotion leaves on your skin when you apply day or night.

Skincare product Corsrx

2. Lancôme Gel Pure Focus Deep Purifying Oily Skin Cleanser

This gel cleanser is a perfect daily face cleanser that helps to deliver clean and fresh skin.

This cleanser is perfect to use right after waking up and removing the excess oil that builds up on your skin during the night by tightening pores and leaning your skin looking smooth without drying or irritating skin with harsh chemicals.

Your skin will look less oily, healthier, unclog pores, and give you fresh skin for the rest of the day.

Lancome for skincare

3. Dear, Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

Dear, Klairs is a Korean skincare company that does not test their products on animals, no harsh ingredients (colorants, alcohol, artificial fragrances, or parabens) and has high quality products at a reasonable price.

This gentle cleansing oil is a perfect first step in your skincare routine.

It washes off skin impurities without stripping your skin's moisture or causing irritation.

This cleanser is made of Black beans that control sebum production and soothe the skin.

It also contains black sesame oil with antioxidants that is full of minerals and vitamins for your skin's health.

Klairs for healthy skin

4. Clinique Daily Booster De-Aging Cream

Clinique De-Aging cream is filled with 20% pure vitamin C.

This unique anti aging formula helps to brighten, even, and retexturize skin.

Helps to reduce age spots and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

Use daily to get the best results.

Clinique with Vitamin C

5. TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Rose Oil Moisture Stick

This Korean skincare product is perfect for when you're on the go during your busy day and hate the feeling of dryness on your skin.

This rose oil moisture stick provides that hydration anytime and anywhere.

It is a Rejuvenating product that helps your skin feel the best even when you're at work, school, or home.

Panda Rose Oil

This article was written by Maria Lopez, a skincare enthusiast. Follow her YouTube channel to find out about more tips for taking care of your skin.

The 10 trendiest Christmas looks by Latina influencers

Julieta en una cropped top y botas negras

The 10 trendiest Christmas looks by Latina influencers

The holiday season is an exciting time filled with family love. And even more so in Latino families. And of course, it is one of our favorites season since it allows us to dress up and highlight outfits that make us look beautiful! 

We invited our followers to tag and share their favorite Christmas looks for a chance to enter our competition.

Here we present you the 10 Latina influencers with the best Christmas looks of 2020!

look navideño de Carolina


"I am a musical theater artist. I dance with Disney in shows on their cruise ships. I had the opportunity to be an Au pair in New York and enjoy the fashionable shops on Fifth Avenue. I love creating outfits that have personality, feel strong, powerful and beautiful."

Naye con vestido verde


"I am Naye Lopez, Mexican image consultant. More than fashion, I love the essence. I love how a garment or outfit can make you feel impressive, and I love how that feeling is reflected: looking good to feel better."

Ayelen con un vestido rosa


"Live fashion and communicate it, those are my mottos regarding this exciting world. I am a model, image consultant, designer and producer in process. This year I started with an account focused on fashion beauty & culture called "la chica de boina rosa" to which you are all invited."

Clau con arbol de navidad


"Fashion for me is who represents me outside in whatever I want to be before society, but not who defines me inside."

Nathis sonriendo con arbol de navidad


"Hello! I am Nathalie Molina, better known as Nani, I am 21 years old, I am a Venezuelan in Argentina. Since I was a child, the Barbie designer game made me dream, although I did not have so many clothes...I saw that this is where we can all draw our talent ! I love fashion because it exploits your creativity. I only ask you, never stop believing in yourself. ❤️ "

Carol en vestido verde


"My name is Carolina Medina. I am Dominican and I am passionate about life and its challenges. From an early age, my interest in fashion was awakened; I love fashion because it allows me to express myself as I am. One of the things that most I like fashion is that every day it surprises us. It breaks its own rules, speaks without you having to open your mouth and is subjective."

Lorena con vestido negro y blanco


"Hello, my name is Lorena Rico and I am Mexican at heart, body and soul. I consider myself a very happy, passionate and authentic person. I have always loved fashion since with it we can play with our tastes and with trends, show who we are through it; and something that I really love about fashion is that it changes in the blink of an eye and that makes us get out of our comfort zone. Without a doubt, fashion is my passion and I love being part of her."

Caro al lado de un grande arbol de navidad


"Fashion is being ourselves. From those tastes and personalities, the outfits that come out, become a trend. It is to express yourself in the clothes and accessories, what you think and feel."

Julieta en una cropped top y botas negras


"My name is Julieta Riveros, I am from Cordoba Argentina, I am 22 years old and I have been working as a model since I was 13. I started in this world very young, and from day one I love this profession and fashion! What I like the most about it, It is its constant renovation and transformation, it never becomes boring or monotonous because new ideas of colors, fabrics and designs are always presented to play and combine outfits. Another thing that I like the most about fashion is the adaptation of society to her, because although it is usually something “imposed”, people can always adapt by expressing their tastes, personality and comfort adding their unique touch."

Brenda con su familia


"I am Brenda. I am a mother, wife, model, and physical therapist. I love fashion because it is a way by which we can express our personality without saying a word. Fashion is power."

Myra’s top 10 must-have products this season

Top 10 products you must have this season: by Myra

During the season of giving, we might struggle sometimes with choosing the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives. That is why our favorite hermosa, Creative Director Myra, is here to rescue you! Myra's top 10 must-have products are full of fun and useful products to gift others or yourself! 

"All these products I own and I love every single one. They make me so happy!"

Neutrogena lotion

1. Neutrogena 

Oil-free moisturizing lotion with sunscreen

I have been using this moisturizer forever and I swear it keeps my skin young and smooth.
neutrogena wipes

2. Neutrogena

Makeup remover towelettes

I am a girl who loves Neutrogena. These are the best cleaning / makeup remover towels and these individual wipes are perfect to carry in your bag or to take on your trips.
champion hoodie

3. Champion

Sudadera blanca

Hoodies are warmth and comfort, I must have one everywhere I go. 
urban decay lip liner

4. Urban Decay

Lipliner - liar

This lipliner by Urban Decay, called Liar, is a must-have! It looks beautiful when you blend with nude lipstick. 
MAC lipstick

5. MAC Cosmetics

Lipstick - Myth

This nude lipstick by Mac called Myth goes great with the above lip liner for a beautiful ombre blend on the lips.
champion sweats

6. Champion

Black sweats 

Comfort is everything and these Champion sweats will always have me feeling like a champ in the winter. 
white vans

7. Vans

White Tennis 

I need a pair of white vans with any of my jeans. They go and match with almost anything!
american eagle jeans

8. American Eagle

Ripped blue jeans

These high-waisted jeans from American Eagle are so comfy and give such a nice look to a latina's curves. 
cashmere scarf

9. Louis Vuitton

Cashmere scarf

Though a bit pricy for a scarf, I will admit this is a guilty pleasure of mine and I just bought it. It's cashmere!

10. Jewelry

Gold diamond rings

I can’t live with out a little layering of simple gold and white gold/diamonds rings. The perfect finish to any look!

About Myra Ambriz...

Myra is a American recording artist, vocalist, songwriter, and influencer of Mexican descent. She was the first latina to be signed by Walt Disney Records. She lend her voice to the famous single 'Miracles Happen' for the Disney movie, 'The Princess Diaries'. Myra has joined the Hermosaz team to not only bring a little music to our Latino souls, but to help us continue to represent Latino women globally.

The 10 most desired products by Latina influencers

The 10 most desired products by Latina influencers

It's the season of giving but you must admit, receiving a little gift yourself is also nice. Or hey, why not treat yourself this season too! From gloves to coats, here are the 10 products latina influencers are raging about and loving as gifts during this holiday season.


Leather PINK boxing gloves with gold

"The boxing gloves have been my best ally this quarantine, since I practice boxing once a week, it makes me feel safe, strong and above all powerful. These gloves reflect the feminine style and allow me to combine them with my sports outfits without any problem, this sport revolutionizes me and I love that there is a brand for us, high-performance athletes." - @mooncheriie



"To fulfill our daily purposes it is essential to be well organized, and what better way than to run this organization from a place of inspiration such as the BOSSIER agendas. Let me tell you that this brand fascinates me for many reasons, let's start with, they are a 100% Mexican brand, it has an incredible and good design, what can I tell you, it is designed for all entrepreneurial women to achieve their goals." - @lic_aryleneclark

Chinese Laundry

Teaser Platform Sandal

"The famous “Teaser” from Chinese Laundry are the heels that every beauty pageant candidate must have. It's the chic and elegant design plus the comfort that it offers, that makes you take each step safely. Since I tried them for the first time I knew that they would always accompany me, because you can also wear them with any type of clothing, from jeans and a blouse, to an elegant evening dress." - @mariavargasrd

Michael Kors

Wool-Blend Double-Breasted Coat

"This product is a Michael Kors coat. I am from NYC and the winters here are very cold. One of the things that I look for when shopping, is I always see that it is fashionable and that it can be used for many occasions. Besides being a nurse I love fashion. This coat is beautiful and I love the color. I think any influencer would be very happy with a very good quality coat like Michael Kors' and the price is very affordable." -@mayan_diang


Tom Ford

Platform Lock Sandals

"These TF platforms are ultra chic to be used with different outfits either at night or during the day. I would wear them with a pleated midi and smoked tights or leather pants of the same color for a more muddy leg. They are the perfect sandal for an edgy look." - @lizostyle


JLo Jennifer Lopez

Erregina Pumps

"Perfect for the holidays and after! These see-through pumps add a chic touch with elegance to any outfit! As they are clear, they combine with any color you choose for your Christmas outfit whether you live somewhere hot or cold. And after the holidays you can keep using them because they never go out of style! I consider it a Super Buy! And if you will be a mommy soon, the comfort of these shoes will let you look fashionable and at the same time be able to walk in heels with a belly!" - @mrschicawithstyle



Cable Knit Vest 

"One of my favorite articles of clothing is this sweater vest from Zara. It is a style that has resurfaced from the old school, an elegant, modern, super trendy, comfortable style. A non-demanding piece that can go with everything, in my case I would give it a touch with a white shirt underneath to give a more polished appearance, this piece would be used for any time of the day." - @carolcolladom


Dolce MUSA by Jettysblog

"The products from Dolce MUSA by Jettysblog have something special, because it is a brand that focuses on choosing exact pieces to reach the complete taste of all people. It is a brand that encourages and inspires you to dare, to innovate in fashion and to look different. Its authentic styles make you always want to visit this boutique. This leather jacket, for example, is a garment that I can combine in different ways and for different occasions and I know that I will always achieve supremely authentic looks that will attract outsiders." - @jettysblog


Tremols Boutique


"This brand of swimsuits is my favorite, they are comfortable and adjustable to your body. I usually use them every time I go to the beach or any other place outdoors. It seems to me that the product is of very good quality as well as being personalized and created in different countries such as: Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. They have different colors and styles to your liking. On the other hand I like to exercise with comfortable sportswear. They also bring sports sets of colors, short and long. Finally, I highly recommend this brand since I like to choose a style of clothing for my daily routine that goes with my Fashion Style, so I can exercise and see it look divine. Tremols Boutique makes me feel fashionable." - @genesistremolsr



Smart Caviar White 38mm Watch Bracelet

"Accessories on a woman is the strong, and at the same time, more transparent touch of her essence. When choosing accessories, many factors come into play: her feelings, her thinking and her form of transmitting are communicated directly. I chose this watch because it was a very unique piece for me and it caught my attention for its design. It really is something that identifies me and which will make me feel more comfortable and sophisticated in my day to day life." - @thaniadelafuente

Top 10 mexican fashion brands

Top 10 Mexican Fashion Brands 

At Hermosaz, we are proud of the successes of our fellow Mexicans, and we love to see them on international runways, and in highly respected fashion magazines. Such is the case of these 10 Mexican brands that are everywhere and represent the best of Mexican fashion.


Audette offers contemporary, creative and high-quality creations. All their leather goods are created by Aude and Charles. All the pieces are handmade in the best workshop in Mexico City specialized in the manufacture of high-end leather.

Benito Santos

Originally from Tepehuaje de Morelos Jalisco, Benito Santos debuted in 2008 as a fashion designer. In these 12 years of career Benito Santos has participated in the most important fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week.

Alma de Sal

Mexico inspires; That is why it is the perfect place to create. Alma de Sal was born from this light.The brand's aesthetics transmit its richness through the materials, textures, waves and asymmetrical cuts of its designs. Alma de Sal captures the balance of life; it is elegant but relaxed; fashionable but timeless.

Eilean Brand

Eilean Brand is a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2012 and became 100% sustainable and organic in 2016. Its mission is to encourage its consumers to adopt a conscious way of buying, researching and knowing the origin of their products; as well as its impact on the environment.

Nabyl Zarina

Nabyl Zarina is a Mexican-American designer who created the brand under her name and has been recognized for winning DiseñandoMx32. Her garments are inspired by femininity, subtlety, elegance and the rich Mexican culture and its history.

Gregorio Cayetano 

Gregorio Cayetano reinterprets sensuality in each collection, endowing it with modernity and power through the use of innovative clothing techniques and high-quality materials in structured silhouettes, with the distinctive dominance of volume and color.

Macaria Teller

Macaria Taller is a shoe brand inspired by today's women, founded in 2016 in Mexico City. It was created from the need to give women shoes of the best quality, with design and the possibility of customization without ever losing the basic element, “comfort.”


Alersundi, by designer Alejandra Lersundi, represents Mexican creativity and designs. Their designs are feminine, elegant and specially designed for women who always want to be one step ahead.


Yakampot clothing line by Francisco Cancino, is feminine and elegant, and has been widely accepted by celebrities and fashion magazines. Yakampot clothing is handcrafted by artisans across the country.

H. by Hector De La Peña

The brand of the Mexican designer Hector De La Peña is characterized by its oversized, geometric and unisex garments. His garments are inspired by stories, his family and experiences, without a doubt his collections are a representation of himself.

Top 5 makeup trends for this fall – winter 2020

Top 5 makeup trends for this fall - winter 2020

Does it happen to you, that after so many months in quarantine, without wearing makeup, now that we are gradually getting into our activities, we can't wait to put on makeup again, but feel conflicted over the use of a face mask?

Well, I want to tell you that these trends are not only my favorites because they are very flattering but because they are focused on enhancing the look that will now be the focus of attention, they also seek to show off a natural skin without so much ideal product for the use of the mask.

1. Glowy Skin

Now with the use of face masks, skin care has become one of the most important things.

First, carry out your complete skincare routine, remember that correct hydration is key to achieving this luminous finish, and don't forget to apply sunscreen.

If you are going to use makeup base, opt for light, almost transparent textures that help match your skin tone.

Use a medium coverage concealer to correct very punctually the area of dark circles, any mark or granite.

And to give a little color and dimension to the face, use cream or liquid blushes and apply it towards the temples, since half of the face is under the mask.

The illuminator will continue to be very important in these types of looks, I recommend using it liquid or cream to keep our skin very light and natural.

2. Natural Eyebrows

Make your eyebrows look as natural as possible to maintain balance, since the focus of our makeup will be the eyes.

If you have a bushy eyebrow, just comb them up with a transparent or colored gel, if you have a few holes or a not so thick eyebrow, use an eyebrow pencil and try to draw hair by hair to achieve a natural and carefree effect.

3. Hello, Graphic Eyeliner

It's time to keep playing not only with the shape of the eyeliner, but with the colors!

Try blues, greens, and whites this season.

The cat eye will continue to be very present but this time more angular and elevated to lengthen the look.

The outline in the lower water line returns.

Complement your eyeliner with very marked lashes.

Don't be afraid of extra layers of mascara; the catwalks of this season encourage us to experiment with colors in our eyelashes: blue, red and pink were very present.

4. Shine More

Glitter makeup or just glitter shades will be your best friends.

Besides being an easy and fast trend, it is super fun and will make you look WOW!

Create metallic details in your eyeliner or you can even decorate your face with crystal applications, the Euphoria fever will continue.

5. Chalk and Watercolor

Forget spending hours blurring colors, the new trend is more minimalist and monochromatic eyelids that seem to be painted with chalk.

The retro blue color comes very strong and although you might be surely afraid of it, dare to use it! It is a very flattering color for all skin tones.

The perfect excuse to use all the shades of your palettes is here, mix and match your favorite colors on the lids the way you want.

This time there is no correct way to do it; the idea is to achieve a very trendy tie-dye effect.

And as a bonus, I couldn't stop talking about one of my favorite parts of this season, the LIPS.

Red will continue to be a classic in any of its shades, but definitely the favorite this season is the ideal burgundy for a sexy and sophisticated look.

Opt for a matte finish to avoid transfers on the mask.

My favorites that don't move with anything are the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink. 


Finally, I want to remind you that makeup is to have fun and express ourselves.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to experiment with textures, colors and shapes in our eyes; and start giving love to our skin, loving it and showing it as it is.

About the Author: Lourdes Flores

Lourdes Flores, is a professional makeup artist, a lover of the editorial world where she can experiment and let her creativity fly. If you want to see the step by step of these looks or learn more tips about makeup, you can find her on Instagram as @lulufg.

5 Reasons why Latinas should try Korean skincare products

Korean Products

5 reasons why Latinas should try Korean skincare products 

by Maria Lopez

Korean Products

Growing up as a latina woman, I struggled with stress acne especially in high school. During my senior year, I found an interest in Korean Culture and found one common trait with (in) everything I watched. They had perfectly clear skin! So, I started to research what products they used for myself.

To my surprise, my stress acne was gone! It’s been almost six years since I switched to using Korean skincare. Their products gave me a flawless look without using makeup and boosted my confidence in life. 

You may ask yourself why people are jumping onto this trend. More importantly, why should you? Here are the 5 reasons I think you should.

1. All about healthy skin

Hydrating, nourishing and repairing your skin with enhanced skin features, and giving you a youthful-looking glow are just some of the effects you can get from Korean skincare.

The Korean skincare industry is dedicated to giving women and men a nourished skin look as well as effortlessly perfect look at all times with or without makeup. They believe that skincare comes first and makeup comes second.

Through my skincare journey, I found it's about dedication and time investment. People in South Korea use three or even more types of moisturizers and cleansers a day to achieve their healthy skin. This may seem a bit exaggerated for those unfamiliar with extensive skin care routines, but one thing for sure is that it always gives you the results you want.

Corsx One Step Moisture Up Pad


 Cosrx One Step Moisture Up Pad maximizes hydration that lasts all day, replenishes skin's naturally healthy look by removing dead skin cells. 


2. All Natural Ingredients

After months of researching various ingredients used in both Korean and non-Korean skincare products, only the Korean ones actually use what they claim to be. Here are two examples of many. 

Korean skincare product
Korean skincare

3. All About Prevention 

The philosophy of Korea skincare products  also focus on prevention rather than just treatment. They believe that getting to the root of the skin's problems leads to longer-lasting results. For instance, before you get pimples, you should use formulas that prevent pimples; before getting wrinkles, use products, such as face masks and moisturizers that help revitalize the skin.

Korean skincare

4. Technology and Innovation 

The skincare industry in South Korea knows that both the local and global markets not only have soaring demands for high-quality products, but also have increasing knowledge about the products and their effectiveness as well as international competitors.

In order to keep their customers, they can only continue to increase their standards for product quality to achieve the best skincare results with innovative technology . Thanks to South Korea, we can now enjoy skin capsules, sheet masks, pimple patches, and eye masks globally.

Korean skincare

5. Value for your money 

As compared to other skincare products out there in the market, Korean skincare is one that values results for every penny spent. You'll be impressed by how inexpensive Korean products are while giving you long lasting results. 

Korean skincare

Check out the video for more details!

Cómo controlar tu ansiedad en tiempos de COVID-19

Cómo controlar tu ansiedad en tiempos de COVID-19

Es cierto que la rutina de todos ha cambiado desde la aparición del COVID-19 y en medio de todas las distracciones, es necesario recordar que el cuidado de nuestra salud mental sigue siendo indispensable y posiblemente mucho más importante durante estos días. Ya que una de las principales recomendaciones es permanecer en casa, esto puede ser el sueño de muchos, trabajar de casa, disfrutar más a los niños, o tener un poco más de tiempo para cocinar. Para otras personas este tiempo también puede traer consigo mucha ansiedad. Aquí están algunos consejos para reducir tu ansiedad en tiempos de COVID-19:

1. Tratar de mantener una rutina sana.

Para ello, los expertos recomiendan seguir poniendo el despertador como si fuera un día normal de trabajo. Suena difícil, pero esto ayudará a tu mente a mantener el orden y te recordará que la vida debe continuar y no debemos dejarnos caer.

2. Ducharse e hidratar la piel por las mañanas. 

Las duchas siempre sirven para despertar nuestros sentidos y si se toma por las mañanas, esto ayudará a preparar tu mente para un nuevo dia sintiendote presto y positivo.

3. Quitate la pijama y vístete como si fuera un día normal!

Esto sin duda te motivará cada que te veas al espejo. De esta manera, no sentirás esa necesidad de acostarte a mitad del dia, y asi tambien estaras lista para recibir las llamadas por FaceTime de tus amigos.

4. Establece un horario de trabajo y escribe tus metas del día.

Si es que tienes que trabajar o estudiar de casa, es importante tener todo bajo control y no tomar estos días como vacaciones. Para ello es muy importante tener metas claras durante el día y un horario específico para cumplirlas. Un buen consejo es tener un pizarrón donde puedas escribir y visualizar tus metas enfrente de tu escritorio.

5. Haz deporte dentro de casa.

En estos tiempos, es muy importante evitar el sedentarismo, para ello puedes hacer citas con tus amigos y fijar un horario para hacer zumba o yoga por videollamada. No es necesario tanta tecnología, también puedes bailar por tu cuenta o hacer el ejercicio de tu elección con solo buscar videos en YouTube. Que este tiempo en casa no pase desapercibido, aprovecha el tiempo y consigue ese cuerpo que siempre has querido.

Para más información sobre el COVID-19, visita estas paginas:

Preguntas básicas sobre el COVID-19, contestadas por expertos haz click aquí

Alimentos para mantenerse sanos durante el COVID-19 haz click aquí

Signos y síntomas del COVID-19 haz click aquí

Descubre como proteger a tus hijos según la UNICEF haz click aquí 

Decora tu espacio de trabajo para 

mejorar tu productividad y reducir el estrés.

 ANTES $100 AHORA $44

Inspirate por influencers Latinas y compra sus looks favoritos

María Fernanda León
María Fernanda Leon es Miss Teen Panamá Mundial 2020
Dare Santos
Miss Supranational Panamá ‘20
Caro del Rio
Colombian Influencer


Latino owned businesses

Latino-Owned Businesses

Discover Latino-owned
fashion and beauty brands

We well know that when we feel beautiful, we also feel that we can face any challenge. The same goes for the work area. In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, many of us have been asked to work from home. That is why we think that it is time to transform your home office to a place that inspires you and motives you to remain focused and productive.