These were our favorite Valentine’s Day looks

Hermosaz San Valentin Clau Rodriguez

These were our favorite Valentine's Day looks Valentine's Day looks
The day of love came and went, but those photos of the day will live forever...

And how can we not commemorate those outfits for our beloved Latinas who always add extra flavor to their looks of the day?

These are the best Valentine x Hermosaz looks.

Bianny Valerio

Dominican Republic

Bianny tells us that her look was inspired by seeing that red outfit hanging in her closet on the morning of February 14, 2021, in which I remembered that Valentine's Day is not a special date just because people decide to show more than every day his affection for others. The beautiful Dominican confirms that Valentine's Day is the right time to show ourselves how much we love each other.

It is that date in which you don't dress in red just because! Rather, you do it because you give meaning to the holiday, and my concept this year is self-love.

Yuleydy González Luna

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Yuleydy's outfit was inspired by a model at one of her favorite stores. She tells us that she was struck by the finish on the shoulders, which make her look even more elegant. The Dominican tells us that she gave the idea of combining it with the silver shoes to have a slightly more subtle color in the accessories and thus not take away the prominence of the dress. The beautiful Yuleydy invites us to think that every day we should let them know how much we care about our loved ones - and she also told us that this day she had an incredible time, having a super pleasant day full of beautiful moments, in a very nice restaurant in her country.

For me these dates are extremely special since it is a day in which we take time to please our friends and partner.


Dania Santillanes

Mexicali, Baja California, México

From Mexicali, Dania tells us that by choosing her outfit with pink as a base she wanted to express reciprocity, the joy that comes from being able to return to people even a little of what they have given her with their love, especially in these times. Pink is the color of feelings, pink is soft, kind, delicate and sensitive but also erotic, combining it with red they make a boom together, excellent for February 14 - that's how Dania describes it.

I chose to make this outfit for Valentine's Day combining feminine and romantic.

Kendra De Leon Hinojosa

Eakly, Oklahoma, USA / Tamaulipas, MX

Kendra, proudly Mexican, tells us that every night before falling asleep she automatically begins to imagine herself in the possible combinations of “outfits” that she could create. For that reason, as Valentine's Day approached, she knew she wanted to wear something red or pink. Kendra shares that luckily, she has a sister-in-law who is dedicated to designing shirts for every occasion, her page is called 3c_Creations333She made her the "Loads of Love" T-shirt. Kendra decided to combine the shirt with a leather skirt and a black concho belt. The day of love turned out to be a very cold day with a lot of snow, so Kendra decided to add tights with rhinestones and her mother's red coat. Kendra tells us that she doesn't normally wear coats for her photos but since it was getting too cold and snowing too much, in the end the red coat added the finishing touch that complemented the look. Clearly we all loved it!

Life is about seizing every moment. Although things do not always turn out well, one makes the decision to be happy or not. I choose happiness, next to my family and my wonderful boyfriend.

Natalia Padilla - Oviedo

McAllen, Texas, USA originally from CDMX

From Texas, the beautiful Natalia tells us that her idea for this outfit was something very fashionable with black and white to accentuate the very seasonal red accessories, such as the headband and earrings. Without a doubt, the red lipstick makes her Latin beauty shine even more!

The very Valentine's essential accessory: @TheLovelyBouquet roses.

Alessandra Rossetti

Antofagasta, Chile

Alessandra, tells us that her idea for this day was to make a different outfit, much more daring and sensual. For that she used the black color that is elegant and sophisticated, ideal for a dinner, but in the same way she incorporated eco-leather texture. This texture gives it a much more “sexy” touch, She complemented it with an animal print blazer, a trend that never goes out of style and that also makes us look more daring. Alessandra tells us that her Valentine's Day was spent with a friend and they had an incredible time, that is why she left the "tender" a bit and took a risk with something more "sexy."

I chose red shoes and lipstick, the color of love and passion, In this way I got a more daring Valentine's outfit but without neglecting love, which is what is celebrated.


México City, MX

Joy, who always wins us over with her original and fun photos, shares that her friends motivated her with their photos by wanting to take a picture in that place. I love wearing the colors of each spot I visit and in this case it would not be the exception, says the Mexican fashionista. That dress is a charm and finally it's time to shine. Joy tells us that while in the middle of the shooting they made reference to Sex and the City (Carrie Bradshaw), her friends said that the look inspired an air of her. Although the red beret remains pending, without a doubt this is one of the best Valentine's looks we have seen!

I had always wanted to use red / pink, long ago I thought it was a very risky combination. Valentine confirmed otherwise.

Gene Torrellas

Caracas, Venezuela

The Venezuelan model, Gene, tells us that her look was inspired by the Greek goddesses, in the love that has always existed since ancient times; hence the color red, which symbolizes love. I only had the red dress in my closet, but when I got to the photo session my makeup artist and photographer @mila_fotography gave it that Greek touch that I wanted with that metal leaf headband that makes us travel through photography, the beautiful model shares with us.

I felt fantastic to see the end result for this very special day, that we celebrate not only love for others but also our own.

Esmeralda Chavez

Miami, Florida, USA originally from Venezuela

Esmeralda, one of our beautiful spoiled women, who in addition to being a fashionista by nature, is an entrepreneur and owner of Crystal Dust Designs. Her jewelry was born in Venezuela 6 years ago. She tells us that for the Valentine's Day collection they made a special collaboration with the model @carolinadelgadofit and took out several pieces inspired by love, spirituality, empowerment and good vibes. All the accessories are 18k gold plated and they have us in love.

These locks represent eternal love and are inspired by the locks that lovers use on bridges in Paris to put their initials and wish each other eternal love.

Claudia Rodriguez

Atlanta, GA, USA originally from El Salvador

Claudia, originally from El Salvador, is one of our favorite makeup artists and for this day of love, we fell even more in love. Claudia is passionate about makeup and fashion, and this look was inspired by love. The photo was taken in New York, since I always wanted a photo that represents what I like and what better than in the city that is always at the forefront of fashion, she shares with us.

I wanted to wear red because for me it represents passion, passion for what I do.

Yenevie (Yeye) Santana

Phoenix, Arizona, USA originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

From Phoenix, USA, Yenevie shares her style with us through social media and we want to tell you: we love it! As everyone knows this year, Valentine's Day was a little different from previous years due to the pandemic we are experiencing. But it's still signs of celebration - even at home - so Yeye got creative. She looked for balloons, flowers, chocolates, cookies, champagne, strawberries, and she borrowed a huge bear from one of her nieces and decided to decorate an entire area of the living room.

As for her outfit, she decided to wear a classic little black dress with transparent sleeves with a polka dot design and lace stockings, for a classic, romantic and feminine touch. For the accessories she added simple pearl earrings and a soft and natural makeup, the combination was perfect, classy and fashionable.

My boyfriend was delighted with the decoration, the food and we had a great time celebrating together at the house. Without a doubt a Valentine without waste.

Leyani Trujillo

Miami, Florida, USA originally from Cuba

The beautiful Cuban, Leyani tells us that she chose red for her dress and heels because it is the color of love. She definitely made us all fall in love with her outfit!

It was a day full of love. I had a great time with my partner and friends. We celebrated that day just how it should be.

Don't forget to follow these beautiful Latinas on social media to inspire your next outfit!

The 10 trendiest Christmas looks by Latina influencers

Julieta en una cropped top y botas negras

The 10 trendiest Christmas looks by Latina influencers

The holiday season is an exciting time filled with family love. And even more so in Latino families. And of course, it is one of our favorites season since it allows us to dress up and highlight outfits that make us look beautiful! 

We invited our followers to tag and share their favorite Christmas looks for a chance to enter our competition.

Here we present you the 10 Latina influencers with the best Christmas looks of 2020!

look navideño de Carolina 

"I am a musical theater artist. I dance with Disney in shows on their cruise ships. I had the opportunity to be an Au pair in New York and enjoy the fashionable shops on Fifth Avenue. I love creating outfits that have personality, feel strong, powerful and beautiful."

Naye con vestido verde


"I am Naye Lopez, Mexican image consultant. More than fashion, I love the essence. I love how a garment or outfit can make you feel impressive, and I love how that feeling is reflected: looking good to feel better."

Ayelen con un vestido rosa


"Live fashion and communicate it, those are my mottos regarding this exciting world. I am a model, image consultant, designer and producer in process. This year I started with an account focused on fashion beauty & culture called "la chica de boina rosa" to which you are all invited."

Clau con arbol de navidad


"Fashion for me is who represents me outside in whatever I want to be before society, but not who defines me inside."

Nathis sonriendo con arbol de navidad


"Hello! I am Nathalie Molina, better known as Nani, I am 21 years old, I am a Venezuelan in Argentina. Since I was a child, the Barbie designer game made me dream, although I did not have so many clothes...I saw that this is where we can all draw our talent ! I love fashion because it exploits your creativity. I only ask you, never stop believing in yourself. ❤️ "

Carol en vestido verde


"My name is Carolina Medina. I am Dominican and I am passionate about life and its challenges. From an early age, my interest in fashion was awakened; I love fashion because it allows me to express myself as I am. One of the things that most I like fashion is that every day it surprises us. It breaks its own rules, speaks without you having to open your mouth and is subjective."

Lorena con vestido negro y blanco


"Hello, my name is Lorena Rico and I am Mexican at heart, body and soul. I consider myself a very happy, passionate and authentic person. I have always loved fashion since with it we can play with our tastes and with trends, show who we are through it; and something that I really love about fashion is that it changes in the blink of an eye and that makes us get out of our comfort zone. Without a doubt, fashion is my passion and I love being part of her."

Caro al lado de un grande arbol de navidad


"Fashion is being ourselves. From those tastes and personalities, the outfits that come out, become a trend. It is to express yourself in the clothes and accessories, what you think and feel."

Julieta en una cropped top y botas negras


"My name is Julieta Riveros, I am from Cordoba Argentina, I am 22 years old and I have been working as a model since I was 13. I started in this world very young, and from day one I love this profession and fashion! What I like the most about it, It is its constant renovation and transformation, it never becomes boring or monotonous because new ideas of colors, fabrics and designs are always presented to play and combine outfits. Another thing that I like the most about fashion is the adaptation of society to her, because although it is usually something “imposed”, people can always adapt by expressing their tastes, personality and comfort adding their unique touch."

Brenda con su familia


"I am Brenda. I am a mother, wife, model, and physical therapist. I love fashion because it is a way by which we can express our personality without saying a word. Fashion is power."

The 10 most desired products by Latina influencers

The 10 most desired products by Latina influencers

It's the season of giving but you must admit, receiving a little gift yourself is also nice. Or hey, why not treat yourself this season too! From gloves to coats, here are the 10 products latina influencers are raging about and loving as gifts during this holiday season.


Leather PINK boxing gloves with gold

"The boxing gloves have been my best ally this quarantine, since I practice boxing once a week, it makes me feel safe, strong and above all powerful. These gloves reflect the feminine style and allow me to combine them with my sports outfits without any problem, this sport revolutionizes me and I love that there is a brand for us, high-performance athletes." - @mooncheriie



"To fulfill our daily purposes it is essential to be well organized, and what better way than to run this organization from a place of inspiration such as the BOSSIER agendas. Let me tell you that this brand fascinates me for many reasons, let's start with, they are a 100% Mexican brand, it has an incredible and good design, what can I tell you, it is designed for all entrepreneurial women to achieve their goals." - @lic_aryleneclark

Chinese Laundry

Teaser Platform Sandal

"The famous “Teaser” from Chinese Laundry are the heels that every beauty pageant candidate must have. It's the chic and elegant design plus the comfort that it offers, that makes you take each step safely. Since I tried them for the first time I knew that they would always accompany me, because you can also wear them with any type of clothing, from jeans and a blouse, to an elegant evening dress." - @mariavargasrd

Michael Kors

Wool-Blend Double-Breasted Coat

"This product is a Michael Kors coat. I am from NYC and the winters here are very cold. One of the things that I look for when shopping, is I always see that it is fashionable and that it can be used for many occasions. Besides being a nurse I love fashion. This coat is beautiful and I love the color. I think any influencer would be very happy with a very good quality coat like Michael Kors' and the price is very affordable." -@mayan_diang


Tom Ford

Platform Lock Sandals

"These TF platforms are ultra chic to be used with different outfits either at night or during the day. I would wear them with a pleated midi and smoked tights or leather pants of the same color for a more muddy leg. They are the perfect sandal for an edgy look." - @lizostyle


JLo Jennifer Lopez

Erregina Pumps

"Perfect for the holidays and after! These see-through pumps add a chic touch with elegance to any outfit! As they are clear, they combine with any color you choose for your Christmas outfit whether you live somewhere hot or cold. And after the holidays you can keep using them because they never go out of style! I consider it a Super Buy! And if you will be a mommy soon, the comfort of these shoes will let you look fashionable and at the same time be able to walk in heels with a belly!" - @mrschicawithstyle



Cable Knit Vest 

"One of my favorite articles of clothing is this sweater vest from Zara. It is a style that has resurfaced from the old school, an elegant, modern, super trendy, comfortable style. A non-demanding piece that can go with everything, in my case I would give it a touch with a white shirt underneath to give a more polished appearance, this piece would be used for any time of the day." - @carolcolladom


Dolce MUSA by Jettysblog

"The products from Dolce MUSA by Jettysblog have something special, because it is a brand that focuses on choosing exact pieces to reach the complete taste of all people. It is a brand that encourages and inspires you to dare, to innovate in fashion and to look different. Its authentic styles make you always want to visit this boutique. This leather jacket, for example, is a garment that I can combine in different ways and for different occasions and I know that I will always achieve supremely authentic looks that will attract outsiders." - @jettysblog


Tremols Boutique


"This brand of swimsuits is my favorite, they are comfortable and adjustable to your body. I usually use them every time I go to the beach or any other place outdoors. It seems to me that the product is of very good quality as well as being personalized and created in different countries such as: Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. They have different colors and styles to your liking. On the other hand I like to exercise with comfortable sportswear. They also bring sports sets of colors, short and long. Finally, I highly recommend this brand since I like to choose a style of clothing for my daily routine that goes with my Fashion Style, so I can exercise and see it look divine. Tremols Boutique makes me feel fashionable." - @genesistremolsr



Smart Caviar White 38mm Watch Bracelet

"Accessories on a woman is the strong, and at the same time, more transparent touch of her essence. When choosing accessories, many factors come into play: her feelings, her thinking and her form of transmitting are communicated directly. I chose this watch because it was a very unique piece for me and it caught my attention for its design. It really is something that identifies me and which will make me feel more comfortable and sophisticated in my day to day life." - @thaniadelafuente

Top 10 mexican fashion brands

Top 10 Mexican Fashion Brands 

At Hermosaz, we are proud of the successes of our fellow Mexicans, and we love to see them on international runways, and in highly respected fashion magazines. Such is the case of these 10 Mexican brands that are everywhere and represent the best of Mexican fashion.


Audette offers contemporary, creative and high-quality creations. All their leather goods are created by Aude and Charles. All the pieces are handmade in the best workshop in Mexico City specialized in the manufacture of high-end leather.

Benito Santos

Originally from Tepehuaje de Morelos Jalisco, Benito Santos debuted in 2008 as a fashion designer. In these 12 years of career Benito Santos has participated in the most important fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week.

Alma de Sal

Mexico inspires; That is why it is the perfect place to create. Alma de Sal was born from this light.The brand's aesthetics transmit its richness through the materials, textures, waves and asymmetrical cuts of its designs. Alma de Sal captures the balance of life; it is elegant but relaxed; fashionable but timeless.

Eilean Brand

Eilean Brand is a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2012 and became 100% sustainable and organic in 2016. Its mission is to encourage its consumers to adopt a conscious way of buying, researching and knowing the origin of their products; as well as its impact on the environment.

Nabyl Zarina

Nabyl Zarina is a Mexican-American designer who created the brand under her name and has been recognized for winning DiseñandoMx32. Her garments are inspired by femininity, subtlety, elegance and the rich Mexican culture and its history.

Gregorio Cayetano 

Gregorio Cayetano reinterprets sensuality in each collection, endowing it with modernity and power through the use of innovative clothing techniques and high-quality materials in structured silhouettes, with the distinctive dominance of volume and color.

Macaria Teller

Macaria Taller is a shoe brand inspired by today's women, founded in 2016 in Mexico City. It was created from the need to give women shoes of the best quality, with design and the possibility of customization without ever losing the basic element, “comfort.”


Alersundi, by designer Alejandra Lersundi, represents Mexican creativity and designs. Their designs are feminine, elegant and specially designed for women who always want to be one step ahead.


Yakampot clothing line by Francisco Cancino, is feminine and elegant, and has been widely accepted by celebrities and fashion magazines. Yakampot clothing is handcrafted by artisans across the country.

H. by Hector De La Peña

The brand of the Mexican designer Hector De La Peña is characterized by its oversized, geometric and unisex garments. His garments are inspired by stories, his family and experiences, without a doubt his collections are a representation of himself.

Editor’s Picks: Spring 2020

Valentine’s Day Edit


Get ready for the 14th Feb with our dreamy Valentine's day edit. Whether you're looking for the perfect dress or the ultimate gift, we got you.
blush polka dot ruched side tea dress
nude sleeveless gold button detail blazer dress
red one shoulder ruffle bodycon midi dress
nude satin split leg pleated maxi dress
red floral long sleeve wrap dress
petite blush ruched mesh v neck mini dress
red polka dot mesh ruched long sleeve bodycon dress
camel bandeau belted split detail midi dress
hot pink gold button contrast blazer dress
nude satin long sleeve wrap dress
dusty pink bardot tortoise button belted blazer dress
red lace cupped bandeau wrap mini dress
pink chain print pleated hem shirt dress
red ditsy floral bow detail side split bodycon dress
petite blush ruched mesh v neck mini dress
champagne velvet ruched front bardot bodycon dress
blush strappy slinky wrap bodycon mini dress
red strappy tie waist fishtail midi dress
red puff sleeve belted shirt dress
pink floral leopard print satin wrap mini dress
nude polkadot mesh frill bodycon dress

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Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis MaitaModeloResidencia: Venezuela Nacionalidad: Venezolana Instagram: @kelly_maita ¿Qué te gusta de ser latina?Me encanta que los latinos siempre estamos felices[...]
María Fernanda León
María Fernanda Leon es Miss Teen Panamá Mundial 2020
Dare Santos
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Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis MaitaModeloResidencia: Venezuela Nacionalidad: Venezolana Instagram: @kelly_maita ¿Qué te gusta de ser latina?Me encanta que los latinos siempre estamos felices[...]
María Fernanda León
María Fernanda Leon es Miss Teen Panamá Mundial 2020
Dare Santos
Miss Supranational Panamá ‘20

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Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis MaitaModeloResidencia: Venezuela Nacionalidad: Venezolana Instagram: @kelly_maita ¿Qué te gusta de ser latina?Me encanta que los latinos siempre estamos felices[...]
María Fernanda León
María Fernanda Leon es Miss Teen Panamá Mundial 2020
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Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis MaitaModeloResidencia: Venezuela Nacionalidad: Venezolana Instagram: @kelly_maita ¿Qué te gusta de ser latina?Me encanta que los latinos siempre estamos felices[...]
María Fernanda León
María Fernanda Leon es Miss Teen Panamá Mundial 2020
Dare Santos
Miss Supranational Panamá ‘20

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