Dayana in colorful dress
Dayana in light green top
What do you like about being Latina?

That we have that warmth and flavor that characterizes us, we are affectionate, enterprising and very social women, I believe that any person in the world is attracted to us Latinas.

What’s something about you that people would be surprised to know?

That I can reproduce almost any type of voice with just listening to it a couple of times.

What are your favorite colors and outfits that make up most of your closet?

I love bright colors like yellow, fuchsia, red, green, etc. Colors that highlight my skin color, eyes and hair. My favorite outfits are jumpsuits!

What trends are big in your city?

I think the biggest trend we have in Mexico city is Mercedes Benz fashion week Mexico (#MBFWMX), a fashion show for Mexican designers. Every year different designers show up to present collections inspired on Mexican culture, and that is amazing!

Dayana in black swimsuit
Dayana in dark green top
Dayana in black dress
What is your favorite brand/designer? What do you like about that brand?

Coco Chanel. I think it's a very feminine and classy brand; any woman with a Chanel looks incredibly delicate, elegant and fashionable.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are your goals?

In 5 years I see myself consolidating as an actress and growing as a anchor, I like those two things equally and I want to continue growing in those branches, learning from each project and adding more to my list.

Which actresses or models do you believe have the best style?

Blake Lively, she always wears the best dresses to event, film presentation, MET ceremonies, etc. She always know what to wear. Kendall Jenner knows how to take advantage of her beauty and does not go over the edge, I like all of her looks, her style is very chic!

Dayana in light pink one piece
Dayana wearing green earrings

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