Ery Viero is a Brazilian - Italian model, she started her career in the South of Brazil where she worked with major brands, after that she started to explore America, lived in México and worked directly in Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina and the United States. In the last year she felt it was time for a new challenge, so Ery moved to Europe, where she currently resides, based in Athens, Greece, she just started there, we in America have our eyes on her!
How did your modeling career start?

I started my career in Brazil when I was 17, a photographer and owner of one of the largest agencies saw me and invited me to be part of his team. Right after he directed my first steps in the modeling world.

What do you recommend to girls who want to pursue a career in modeling but have no experience or portfolio?

First of all, to be super sure about what you really want. The first step is to seek a serious agency, which will value you and tell you with confidence, if you have the potential to start, or if not. After that, they will direct you to your first photoshoot which will be part of your first book!

"As a model, agencies expect you to be malleable, versatile, aware that you are part of a work art, that is, you will always have to change your attitude, your look, your poses, according to what they ask of you. When in fact you get to the section the most basic things that you already have to always have in mind are: clean and hydrated skin, clean and natural hair, natural nails too and for sure your best attitude, always!"

What is the best part of being a Latin model?

I am so proud of our latin diverse culture, it is something incredible! I love our happy latin way for living, our swing, our special way of making art and music! and of course the miscegenation, is from that the famous and unique Latin beauty comes!

What’s something about you that people would be surprised to know?

That besides being a model and an actress, I'm an architect, I'm really passionate about everything that is connected to art, fashion and architecture, this composes, gives sense and direction to my life!

What is your favorite fashion trend?

Black is always my favorite color, but in Athens light colors, white and pastel tons are perfect with the style of the country and is the best choice when traveling to the islands too!  

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