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Tell me about yourself.

Hello my name is Aranxa Ramos, I'm 24 years old and currently living in San Francisco. I was born in Mexico City where my parents are from and been living in San Francisco since the age of 6, where my passion for fashion grew when I read my first Vogue magazine at that age. Since then my passion for the career hasn't changed and now I currently work for a stylist/ personal shopper where I'm learning the ropes of the industry. I also enjoy doing freelance shoots with photographers and models around the bay area.

What do you like about being Latino?

What I like about being Latina is that my culture is always with me, no matter where I end up living my roots of my culture will always follow me and I think that's beautiful.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is green but I also enjoy the color black even though technically is not really a color.

What's your favorite style?

I don't have a favorite style, I think that's why I love the fashion industry so much, everyone can create beautiful outfits no matter their style.

What are the items you always carry in your purse?

Top 5 items I carry in my purse: lip gloss, an oil based perfume, Aesop hand lotion, "boy brow" from Glossier, and blotting sheets (cause ya girl has very oily skin!).

What are your favorite brand of clothes?

My favorite brands of clothes are: Commes des Garcons, Acne Studios, A.P.C & Opening Ceremony.

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Who was the role model growing up and how does that influence who you are today?

My role model growing up and even now has always been my dad, he is such a hard worker and always gives me the best life advice. I think I am so dedicated and hard worker because of my dad.

Which actor/actress or model has the best style according to your taste?

The actress/actor who has the best style according to me are the Olsen twins even though they don't act anymore.

What is your favorite Latino Dish?

My favorite Latino dish is posole, it's delicious on a cold day with some ponche!

What is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite thing to do is to go to a book/magazine store and spend hours there finding good books and fashion magazines to read.

What is a good life lesson that you would like to share with others?

One good lesson in life that I would like to share with you guys will be: "Always be nice to anyone you meet, you never know if you'll meet them in your future career paths.

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