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Emmy Carrero
EMMYCARREROFashionista and ModelResidence: Caracas, VenezuelaNationality: VenezuelanInstagram: @emmycarrerom What do you like about being Latina?I believe that one of the things[...]
Alicia Cedron
Alicia CedronFashionista y ModeloResidencia: Lima y LondresNacionalidad: PeruanaInstagram: @alicedron ¿Qué te gusta de ser latina?Lo que me encanta de ser[...]
Heather Nunez
HeatherNunezFashionistaResidence: New York CityNationality: Dominican AmericanInstagram: @heather.elley What do you like about being Latina?I'm proud to be Latina because of[...]
Gladys Ivelisse Berrios Santiago
Gladys IvelisseBerrios Santiago 1ra finalista Miss Puerto Rico Petite 2022Residencia: Puerto Rico Nacionalidad: Puerto Rico Instagram: g.ivelissepr ¿Qué te gusta[...]
Darianny Yeismel Finol Gómez
Darianny YeismelFinol Gómez FashionistaResidence: Cagua, estado AraguaNationality: VenezolanaInstagram: finollg_ What do you like about being Latina?I would say that I[...]
Taína Pimentel
TaínaPimentelFashionistaResidence: United States / Dominican RepublicNationality: American / DominicanInstagram: @Tainapimentelofficial What do you like about being Latina?That strength that runs[...]
Closet sale by Belanoia
Are you a fan of Sustainable Fashion? Do you like to go buy second-hand things and give them a second chance? Or are you one of those people who think that's not cool? Well, let me tell you that I was one of those people, until one day I went into a vintage store and I found a scarf from a very famous Italian brand. Since then I fell in love and became a fan of the Thrift Shops.
Sofía Cuello
SofiaCuelloResidencia:BogotaNacionalidad:ColombiaInstagram: ¿Qué te gusta de ser latina?Amo de ser latina, mi color de piel, rasgos físicos la energía, carisma,[...]
Ariane Maciel
ArianeMaciel M I.PARAGUAY 2022Residencia: Paraguay- España Nacionalidad: Paraguaya Instagram: Arianemaciel__ What do you like about being Latina?The charisma, the joy,[...]
Bethania Belén Borba Rodríguez
Bethania BelénBorba RodríguezMISS WORLD PARAGUAY 2021 Residence: Ciudad del esteNationality: ParaguayaInstagram: Bethania_borba What do you like about being Latina?I love[...]
Emelis Gil
EmelisGilModeloResidencia: CaracasNacionalidad: VenezolanaInstagram: Emelisgil ¿Qué te gusta de ser latina?La calidez de las personas , nuestros mares y nuestra música.¿Qué[...]
5 costumes for halloween with things you can use again
This week the Halloween festivities begin and one of the dilemmas we always have is the costumes and here I bring you 5 options with things that you can use again, so you don't waste your money and look spectacular.
Kro del Rio
Miami Model and Influencer
Oricia Dos Santos
OriciaDos SantosMiss Universe Portugal 2021 Residency: Lisboa, Portugal Nationality: Portuguese, Spanish and Venezuelan Instagram: @oriciadominguez What do you like about[...]
Yuanilie Alvarado González
Puerto Rican Model Yuanilie Alvarado shares with Hermosaz her passion for fashion.
Leticia Lasose
La Dominicana Leticia Lasose nos cuenta sobre su pasión por la moda y sus próximos proyectos.
Pierangela Noriega
Pierangeli Noriega, Miss Interamericana Venezuela 2021 comparte con Hermosaz su pasión por la moda.
Top 6: Pants styles that will dominate this year
Top 6: Pants styles that will dominate this yearHola Hermosaz!The days are getting nicer and people are ready to go[...]
Noelia Roel
NoeliaRoelModel and ActressResidence: Mexico Nationality: Spanish Instagram: @noeliaroeloficial What do you like about being Latina?Well, the truth is I am[...]
Kellyexis Maita
Kellyexis MaitaModeloResidencia: Venezuela Nacionalidad: Venezolana Instagram: @kelly_maita ¿Qué te gusta de ser latina?Me encanta que los latinos siempre estamos felices[...]
María Fernanda León
María Fernanda Leon es Miss Teen Panamá Mundial 2020
Dare Santos
Miss Supranational Panamá ‘20
Caro del Rio
Colombian Influencer
Ámar Pacheco
Miss World 2020
Justeen Cruz Lara
Miss Supranational Ecuador 2020
Emilia Vásquez
CNB Ecuador 2020 - Official Candidate
Marjorie Vivas Medranda
Ecuadorean Model and Beauty Queen
Diana Marín Sandoval
Mexican Fashion Designer
Sofia Guzman
Argentinian Model and Makeup Artist
Nancy Torres
Mexican Model and Influencer
Elizabeth Gasiba
Official candidate of Miss Venezuela 2020
Elizabeth Perez
Mexican-American Influencer and Model
Sofia Ceballos
First Runner Up MXU AGS 2019
Julieth Rodríguez
Miss Bikini 2019 | Model | Actress
Karla Ochoa
Mexicana Universal Sonora 2019
Grace Cano
Reina de Calle Abajo De Las Tablas 2020
Silvia Rodríguez
Mexican Model - New Icon Models
Betina Margni
Miss Uruguay international
Thania De La Fuente Córdova
Mexicana Universal Tabasco 2019
Sabrina Ramírez Adi
Influencer and model from Argentina
Dariana Urista
Miss Supranational Mexico 2019
Viviana Alonso
Uruguayan psychologist and personal trainer
Paulina Vargas
World Traveler From Spain
Mafe Barrios
Colombian journalist and model
Alejandra Diaz de Leon
Miss Globe International 2019
Mila Taka
Colombian Model and Influencer
Sol Rivera
Argentine model and actress
Sofia Rojo
Argentinian Model and Fashionista
Diana Nicole Valdivieso
Ecuadorian Model and Entrepreneur
Micaela Ludvik
Argentinian Model, Singer and Actress
Katerina Nika
Russian Model and Fashion Influencer
Litza Yanez
Cuban Model and Influencer
María Inés Vidal
Teen Petite Mesoamerica Mexico 2019
Melany Fernandez
Venezuelan Journalist and Model
Michelle Domínguez
Miss Earth Quintana Roo 2018
Ana Lucia Tejeira
Señorita Panamá Reina Hispanoamericana
Laura March
Colombian Fashionista and Model
Rianna Levy
Russian - Israeli - American Singer
Virginia Sinaí
Argentinian model and influencer
Paloma Sandoval
Miss Campeche 2018
Brenda Yamil
Mexican Model, Blogger and Traveler
Pía Martínez
Argentinian Journalist, TV Host, and Model.
Rosalys Parra
Venezuelan Model and Influencer
Fátima Carpio
Mexican Actress and Model
Allen Gomez
Model and Entrepreneur
Roxana Otaño
Argentinean Model and Influencer
Roxelis Beatriz Mendoza López
Venezuelan TV Host and Model
Stephanie Fernández
Colombian Model and Influencer
Kizzy Fialho
Brazilian Model and Influencer
Sandra Fernandes Goncalves
Venezuelan Model and Entrepreneur
Laura Rivera
Model & Commercial Talent from Puerto Rico
Jacqueline Toscano
Mexican Model and Influencer
Carmela Castro Ruiz
Argentinian model and Influencer
Yudceilys Tovar
Venezuelan Model and Fashionista
Mariam Cabrera Suazo
Business Woman and Influencer
Gisselle Rada
Colombian Model and Actress
Arianna Pitino
Italian Model and Fashionista
Tania Zuluaga Candamil
Fashionista and Model from Mexico City
Andrea Vivas
A Fashionista and Model from Colombia
Claudia Vaca
Fashionista and Model from Mexico
Kathiria Y. Núñez Nieves
Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer from Puerto Rico
Rocio Hrabar
An Argentinian Fashionista and Model
Lucila Bradley
Fashionista and Model from Spain
Paty Arizpe
Fashionista and Model from Mexico
Melanie Marantes
Miss Arecibo Petite 2019
Dariela Lugo
Model and Fashionista from Panamá
Regina Padilla Bateau
A Mexican Fashionista and Model
An Argentinian Fashionista and Model
Carolina Valesa
A Fashionista and Model from Yucatan
Andreina Aguirre
Miss Miranda 2018 👑
Agustina Calvano
An Argentinian Makeup Artist and Fashionista
Dayana Chiquete
Acrtiz y Conductora
Eugenia Nava
Mexicana Universal Yucatán 👑
Regyna De La Torre
Directora y Co-embajadora de Fundación Cedro Azul Cancún
Andrea Deibis
Architect and Model from Venezuela
Laura Diosa
Professional Model and fashionista from Los Angeles
Natacha Matos
Fitness Model & CEO & Founder at @fitnesslovers305
Michelle Touzet
A Fashionista and Model from Madrid
Rosa Fleitas
A Venezuelan Fashionista and Model
Andreina Lisi
Fashion Designer From Miami
Jessica Gomez Mosquera
A Latina Managing Director and Visual Designer from Miami
Scandy Patron
Miss Teen Universe Yucatan 2014
Angela Delgado Hernández
Mónica Ocoró
A Colombian fashionista who studies digital business
Julieta Riveros
Miss Grand International Argentina 2018
Flavia Escudero
Actriz y Productora Argentina
Erika Gómez
Best Model of the World 🇲🇽 2016
Gabriela Alessandra
Fashionista and Model
Laura López
A Mexican Fashionista and Model
Alexia Orozco
Miss Puebla 2018 👑
Cintia Anabel Freire
An Argentinian fashionista and model
Brenda Santelle
Model and Civil Engineer from Brazil
Virginia Cortez
TV host and actriz from Mexicana
Zulma Santacruz
A Paraguayan fashionista and model
Samia Jasmin Kanaan
Youtuber and fashionista from Tijuana
Oletsy Cardozo
Miss San Francisco 2016-2017
Daniela Celis
A fashionista and model from Merida
Monica Hernandez Reynaga
Miss México Reina Internacional del Café 2019
Maria Alexandra De Sousa
A Model and Actress From Venezuela
Pri Selener
A fashionista and model from Buenos Aires
María Peinado
Reina del turismo - feria de la chinita 2O18
Mary Makaren
A Venezuelan Designer and Fashionista
Victoria Cruz Gygax
A fashion model from Venezuela
agustina García
A Model and Fashionista from Argentina
Manu Neme
A Fashionista and Model From Cancun
Melanie Ovalle
A Model and Fashionista from Argentina
Sindy Velásquez
Miss Earth Zulia 2017
Grecia Antúnez Alonzo
A makeup artist from Mexico
Ivan Savannah Valtierra
A fashionista and model from Mexicali
Paulina Hornedo
A Mexican fashionista and model
Lorena Bargalló
Bailarina y actriz
Silvana Minadeo
Gym & healthy life lover from Argentina
Josefina Quevedo
An Argentinian fashionista and model
Karel Minelle
A fashionista and model from Yucatan
Sinais Moreno
A fashionista and model from Venezuela
Rocío Kazarian
A fashionista and Model from Buenos Aires
A Latina model and traveler who lives in Switzerland
Karely Herrera
🏆Ms Bikini Universe PRO
Vianny Silva
A fashionista and model
Joana Margarita
A Latina fashionista and travel blogger
Nicole Ávila
A Mexican actress and model
Lizzy De La
A Latina model and fashionista
A Mexican fashionista and model
Florencia López
A model and fashionista from Argentina
Leix Collins
Miss Eco International Vzla 2018
Alanyd Valencia Romero
A Mexican Fashionista and model
Julieta Agopian
A model and fashionista from Buenos Aires
Jimena Rangel
A fashionista and model from Mexico
Melissa De Anda
A Mexican fashionista and model
Yoli Cabieles
A Latina model and actress
Zeltzin Suárez
A Mexican actress and TV host
Ery Viero
She is model, actress, and architect
Marianela Ramos
👑Srta Nariño RNG
Samantha Aguilar
A fashionista from Mexico
Melissa Quintero
👑Teen Universe México 2019
Allison Roberts
Teen Universe Mexico 2018 👑
Ana Caceres
Stefania Gonzalez Cona
An Argentinian model and fashionista
Diana Aceves
Finalista Mexicana Universal Sonora 2017
Michelle Rodriguez
A young fashionista from Venezuela
Sabrina Belén Albanese
Iconic latina Model from Santa Fe
Astrid Castillo
A fashionista and model from Venezuela
Daniela Labory
Miami Blogger
Paola Meraz
A New Latina Icon Model from Mexico
laura arroyo
Puerto Rican Fashionista
Sheila Mariño
Cuban Model and Fashionista
Ashley Sanchez
Singer and Fashionista
Wania Rangel
A Brazilian fashionista and blogger
Julie Mayorga
A Mexican fashionista and blogger
Sol Aquino
An Argentinian Model and Fashionista
Abigail Bello Chavez
A Mexican fashionista and travel blogger
Nabila Gallegos
A fashionista from Mexico
Denisse Echavarria
Mexican Actress, Stylist, and Blogger
Daniela Valle
A latina fashionista from Panama
Daniela Villaseñor
A creative and passionate girl from Mexico
Claudia Cristina Garcia
A professional ballerina from Cuba
Luisa Gómez
A Colombian model and dancer
Dayana Catherine Moncayo Narvaez
Model and fashionista from Colombia
Janet Barrios
Fashion & lifestyle influencer
Nashaly Zoé Muñiz Molinero
Miss Queen of Continents International 2018
Ashley Mary Escobar Crespo
Miss Fajardo International 2018
Anabel Sanchez
A Cuban blogger, Marketing manager, model and photographer
Lyramiz Morales Rivera
Miss Petite Beauty International 2018
Milla Sofia Capdevielle
A Mexican model and fashionista
Arlet Short
Miss Teen Globe Yucatan 2017
Cynthia Gonzales
A professional dancer and model from Cuba
Nabilla Giovana De La Luz
Mexican fashion and travel blogger
Lily Silva
Mexican model and fashionista
Marcia Lukasievicz
Latina fashionista from Argentina
Jazmin Rodriguez
Mexican model and fashionista
Alejandra Guevara
Ecuadorian model and actress.
Laura Buda
Venezuelan model and lifestyle blogger
Chris Leslie
A Cuban model and fashionista
Luz Carreiro
Mexican travel and fashion blogger
Raishmar Shakira Nakisha
Puerto Rican Model and personal trainer
Florencia Vargas Ochoa
Fashionista from Mexico
Cynthia Ruz
Kelly Ruiz
Nicaraguan model and fashionista
Melissa Arriaga
Mexican Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger
Karina Zamora
Mexican lifestyle and fashion blogger
Karen Aguilar
Mexican lifestyle and fashion blogger
Estefania Ybarra
Mexican model, actress and fashionista
Tanisha Nieves
Miss Canovanas Teen 2018
Maria Alejandra
Mexican stylist and make up artist
Michelle Velasco
Mexican fashion blogger who travels the world while sharing her unique style.
Fernanda Garzona
Salvadoran model and fashionista with a unique style
Rosana Cottone
Venezuelan fashion blogger, mom and model
Stephanie Cosmopolitan
Honduran stylist, beauty & luxury expert
Marcela Pertusi
Fashionista from Puerto Rico who's currently Miss Puerto Rico América Latina 2018
Rosse Finol
Venezuelan fashion blogger and business women, owner of a luxury clothing brand
Miryam Rochin
A Mexican-American model from Arizona who will represent Yuma County in Miss Arizona USA.
Ana De Sousa
A fashionista from Venezuela, her favorite brand is Christian Dior for their elegance.
Monica Mendoza
A Mexican fashionista from Atlanta who loves fashion, travel and modeling.
Joselin Ariana
Colombian model who holds the title of Princess Srta Cúcuta 2017
Jossycar Bravo
Venezuelan fashion blogger
Stacey Camir Rivera Riosario
Puerto Rican model who loves fashion and her favorite designer is Jean Cintron
Gabriela Galvao
A fashionista and stylist, with passion for fashion from Brazil.
Vanessa Estrella
A Mexican American model Vanessa Estrella from Chicago now living in the Bay Area. One of her favorites when it comes to fashion is Jennifer Lopez.
Bea Mireles
Spanish lifestyle and fashion blogger
Vanessa Velásquez
A model from El Salvador with a passion for fashion and plan to start her business based on her unique vision.
Stephanie Colon
A Puerto Rican Fashionista who studies nursing and has passion for fashion.
Elia Esparza
A famous latina pop singer with a passion for fashion
Ana Caluca
A Fashionista from Spain who's also a lawyer.
Laura Lopez
A Mexican fashionista, who dreams about living in NYC and become a successful Fashion Publicist. .
Evangelina Williams
A fashionista from Mexico who loves Louis Vuitton
Carmen Torres Blanco
A model and fashionista from Spain with her unique style of swimwear.
Cathia Sanchez
A Mexican model living in Vallejo, her favorite designers is Negin Mirsalehi.
Nadia Hernandez Meza
A Mexican fashionista, that loves photography and shares her unique style.
Mujer Del Mar
A Latina singer and songwriter who is spreading love and kindness through her song.
Allyson Barrera
A Mexican fashionista from Monterrey, owner of Bellezza Divina.
Sarah Sofia Sanchez
A Mexican fashionista from Guadalajara, who admires Zara and Dolce&Gabbana brands.
Neillyn Clemente
A model from Venezuela, with Venezuelan and Spain roots that admires designers Carolina Herrera.
Isabella Rubin
A Venezuelan born model from Orlando, Florida who has passion for modeling.
Barbara Ledea Ramirez
A Cuban model and actress who has a great sense of fashion and style.
Isaris Cotto
A fashionista from Puerto Rico with a passion for fashion. She will be a successful lawyer very soon.
Stefany Ramírez
A model from California with Mexican roots that aspires to become a successful immigration lawyer.
Sophia González
A Mexican fashionista from Guadalajara, Jalisco with her own brand of swimswear.
Alejandra Mora
When it comes to outfits this fashionista from Houston, Texas with Mexican roots loves trying new colors from black to bright yellow.
Lorena Rico Olea
A fashionista from Sinaloa, Mexico whose avorite brands are Cloe, Steve Madden and Forever 21.
Maylin Hernandez Tase
A Cuban model who loves long white dresses, Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana.
Flor Martinez
A Mexican entrepreneur whose goals are to make her companies succeed to show immigrants out there that anything is possible.
Yadira Rios
A Cuban fashionista whose favorite colors are neutrals especially white since she lives in Florida where it's hot all year long.
Patti Gomez
A marketing strategist and Army veteran who is currently Mrs. New York and will be competing for Mrs. America.
Laura Arianna Sarate Esqueda
A model from Detroit, Michigan with Mexican roots that admires designers Versace and Tom Ford.
Andrea Locord
A dancer and striving actress that loves to sing and hopes to open doors for Latinas in the acting industry.
Daniela Daza
From Bogota, Colombia when she's not busy being a lawyer she's a fashionista and model who currently holds Miss Eco Latin America 2018.
Montserrat Galan
Montserrat Galan is a Venezuelan fashionista that practices Krav Maga, a hybrid martial arts developed for the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli security forces.
Juany Yasmin
Meet a beauty vlogger from Houston, Texas, when it comes to fashion her favorite outfits are wearing one color head to toe like all white, all pink and all red.
Corina Sangines
A Venezuelan fashionista living in Miami, Florida, her favorite designers are Carolina Herrera and Zimmerman.
Valentina Flores
A fashionista with Venezuelan and Chilean roots who loves Levi's and all black outfits .
Duyinia Padilla Bateau
A fashionista from Aguascalientes, Mexico who not only wants to finish college and start a career, she also wants to help people in need by doing a social service or volunteering.
Gladys Roman Ortiz
A fashionista from Peru living in Fuerteventura, Spain who loves mini skirts, jeans, elephant leg pants, crop tops, and flowing dresses.
Ivonne Morales
A Mexican fashionista who shares her style while traveling the world on her Instagram.
Fabiely Simonelli
A Venezuelan born fashionista from Miami, Florida who gets most of her clothes from Forever 21 and Zara because of their quality and selection.
Ana María Lozano Torrado
A fashionista from León, Spain her favorite outfits consist of flared jeans, fur coats, over-sized garments, wedges, t-shirts and bags.
Stefania Bianchi
A model born in Venezuela with Spanish/Italian roots, her favorite brand is Versace for their elegance, classiness and originality.
Ana Isel Alvarez
From Houston, Texas her goal is to start her own nonprofit organization to help the homeless.
Sarah Lecuyer
A fashionista from Gijón, España with a passion for fashion, coaching and photography.
Camila Abuawad
Her blog The Pink and Petite covers fashion and lifestyle.
Anna Pavlova Castelo
A Mexican model from Hermosillo, Sonora whose favorite brand is Zara.
Alyshia Barragan
A Mexican-Colombian model who gets her fashion inspiration from Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande.
Silvia Fernanda Quiñónez Rincón
A Cuban model who recently competed in Miss Houston Latina 2018 and wants to study social communication and international business.
Maria Gabriela Melendez
An aspiring model from Venezuela attempting to break the industry's stigma of being short.
Angelina Rae Villarreal
Winner of Miss Rio Grande Valley USA 2018 and Miss McAllen 2018
Cristal Aisha
A fashion blogger from Tucson, Arizona where midi skirts and rompers are in and you can never go wrong with high-waisted shorts.
Karen Huggins
A fashion blogger with Venezuelan roots, her style is a mix of Argentina, Spain and now Miami.
Adilene Valencia
A fashion blogger from Yucatan, Mexico with a passion for fast cars and high heels
Génesis Tremols Rodríguez
A model from Puerto Rico who's currently Miss San Juan Teen 2018.
Monzerrath Lerma
A fashionista from Mission, Texas with a love for playing soccer and the piano and going to the shooting range.
Katherine Martinez
A model from Worcester, MA who's currently Mrs Eco Earth Massachusetts 2018.
Ivette Hernandez
From Florida with Mexican roots she runs a beauty and lifestyle blog called idealistically Her.
Margarita Muñoz Córdoba
A model from Valencia, Spain that loves to sing and dance and hopes to win Miss World España.
Renata Bresciani
A fashion blogger and professional dancer from Miami Florida with her own clothing line called Immaculate Streetwear.
Camilla Porcu
A model from Rome, Italy that loves the way Dolce & Gabanna represents Italy's fashion attitude.
Sandra Palacios
A model from Cucuta, Colombia that aspires to be a top model of the best catwalks in the world and launch her own line of perfume and clothes.
Alanis Guedez
A model from Miami, Florida whose favorite colors are neutrals because of how you can pair them with colorful clothes and it never looks bad.
Shanna Lamy
Meet A Belgian-Dominican model from Miami with her own clothing line La Rose Rouge Boutique.
Milan Rede
A model from Albuquerque, New Mexico working towards getting a bachelors degree in chemical engineering.
Renata Rangel
From Mexico, she runs a blog that covers a wide range of topics from fashion looks to good food.
Jessy Peralta
A fashion blogger from the Bronx who gets a lot of her fashion inspiration from simply riding the subway.
Mónica Delgado
A Venezuelan fashionista that always loves to add something pink to her outfit.
Mariana Umaña
When it comes to putting together outfits this fashionista from Fairfax, Virginia always tries to push herself to try different colors and styles.
Maria Jose Rivas
From El Salvador, this fashionista's favorite outfit is white and denim with a good pair of shoes.
Elizabeth Arredondo
A Mexican fashionista from Houston, Texas who believes Alejandra Espinoza, Eliza Gonzalez & Kendall Jenner have the best style.
Haide Gonzalez
From Austin, Texas with a passion for singing, dancing and writing for her blog called Ciao Bonita! which features lifestyle, travel and fashion topics.
Sara Baena
A Colombian fashionista from Miami, Florida with a love for Chanel and a secret passion for cooking.
Sheila Bonilla
A fashion blogger from Barcelona, Spain where the trends are yellow garments, polka dot prints, lace bodysuits, midi skirts and palazzo pants.
Geibory Medina
A fashion stylist from Miami Beach, Florida with a love for bold colors, prints and Versace.
Gibelis Finol
A fashion designer from Venezuela that has designed and developed clothes since she was 14 years old.
Elizabeth Zayas
A Puerto Rican model from New York City with her own blog that's influenced by Hip Hop/R&B music and street wear.
Sasha Zavala
A Mexican fashionista from Dallas Texas who runs a beauty, lifestyle and travel blog where she shares everyday experiences with young women who share the same likes and struggles.
Cynthia Abato
A Puerto Rican makeup artist from Swdesboro, New Jersey with a love for brands Chanel, Louis Vuitton and YSL.
Rebeca Oaxaca
A Mexican fashionista from New Mexico that describes her closet an organized mess where you can find a torn up band tee right next to a Blair Waldorf inspired pleaded skirt.
Daisy Rodriguez
A Mexican-American model from Watsonville, CA with a love for effortless outfits such as rompers, maxi dresses and high-waisted leggings with crop tops.
Alba Carrasco
An aspiring Spanish actress who's favorite brands are Zara and Mango because they offer current trends on a budget.
Yelle Rivet
A fashionista from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico that has a wardrobe mostly composed of jumpsuits and clothing from Forever 21 and Brandy Melville.
Isabel Rojas
A fashionista from Houston, Texas that loves and supports women-owned brands like Tory Burch, Altar'd and Kendra Scott because they also give back to the community.
Adrialys Gutierrez
A Cuban fashionista from Miami, Florida who covers style advice, beauty tips and her travel adventures on her blog.
Ana Victoria Perez
A Venezuelan blogger from Miami, FL that believes in "less is more" when it comes to fashion usually using accessories to add color to simple but elegant white outfits.
Verónica Basmagi
A Venezuelan-Argentinian fashionista who started a fashion blog to help girls discover the power inside of them by believing in themselves and in their own style.
Ana Lucia Gutierrez
A fashionista from Santa Cruz, Bolivia who loves the elegance through simplicity of Francisco Costa's designs, the creative director of Calvin Klein.
Natalia Vidales
A model from Cartagena, Colombia with a love for little black dresses and Shein. Her fashion inspirations are Sophia Miacova, Gigi Hadid and Jasmine Tookes.
Carolina Chang
From Miami and born in Ecuador, this fashionista's favorite brands are Lulifama, Ale by Alessandra, Lover + Friends, Topshop and Forever 21.
Osmara Rojas
Meet a Miami Heat dancer. From Mexico and raised in Pasadena, Texas, her goal is to open a dance studio where she can help girls and boys get proper dance training and inspire them to chase their dreams.
Sasha Prendes
A Cuban artist form New York City. Her favorite current trend in NY are sunglasses that come in all shapes and size from over-sized to small and pointy corners.
Natacha Jaraba
A Colombian model from Miami. Her favorite outfit is a nice pair of blue jeans, a fresh loose t-shirt and a pair of sneakers.
Adriana Gomez Vergara
A Colombian model and artist living in Mexico with entrepreneurial ambitions.
Natalia Mayo
A Miss New York USA 2018 contestant that was awarded Miss Congeniality and is a Production Assistant for Michael Kors.
Fabiola Rodríguez
A fitness guru from Mexico that loves the innovation and design of Ferragamo.
Cynthia Valdovinos
A Mexican-American model from Yonkers, NY that is passionate about environmental issues and wants to use her platform to spread awareness about the importance of a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.
Jovanska Desire Molina Maltés
An aspiring journalist that recently was awarded Miss Guayama Petite 2018, she will be a candidate in the upcoming Miss Puerto Rico Petite 2018.
Ivette Lopez
Meet this Mexican fashionista from Indiana. Calvin Klein is her favorite brand because it best represents her personality. For accessories she loves Louis Vuitton, Burberry and D&G.
Rosa Natalia Cárdenas Gómez
A fashionista from Mexico City with a passion for aerial silks. One of her favorite brands is Apparel K.
Daisyre Alvarez
A Dominican fashion blogger from Miami, Florida with a love for Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci.
Lygia Wong
From Tampa, Florida this Mexican fashionista's favorite brand is Gucci. The way they combine classic designs with a twist of edgy details is a representation of her personal style.
Daniela Peniche
Meet Daniela, a Mexican-American fashion blogger from Texas who loves to inspire other women with her looks and to help them mix and match the pieces they have in their closet.
Alejandra Lozano and Lulu Archer
Meet these lifestyle bloggers with a passion for fashion from Austin, Texas. Lulu is a proud mother that used to dance flamenco and compete in triathlons. Ale represented Mexico in swimming when she was younger and has completed an Ironman race.
Jennifer Morejon
Jennifer Morejon a Cuban fashionista from Miami, Florida is into designer handbags. Her favorites at the moment are Gucci, YSL and Chloe.
Aída Romina Gómez Villarello
Aída Romina Gómez Villarello is a Mexican fashionista. She lives in Guadalajara where the trend is wearing dresses with sneakers.
Amanda Isabelle
Amanda Isabelle is a Spanish/Hawaiian fashionista from Gilroy, CA. She prefers dressing casual in Lulelemon's and Vans but when feeling fancy she loves Louis Vuitton and YSL.
Featured Fashionista: Loy Hernandez
Loy Hernandez is a fashionista from Miami, Florida. For years she was afraid of being in front of a camera but faced her fears and now considers the camera her best friend.
Featured Blogger: Jess Calderon
Jess Calderon is a Mexican blogger from San Jose, CA. Her favorite style inspirations are Julie Sariñana and Shay Mitchell.
Natalia Trejo
A Mexican-American fashionista who runs a blog called Nat-urally Stylish, her favorite brands as of late are Ganni, Nanushka, Everlane, Lisa Says Gah! and Tictail.
Lilibeth Bustos Linares
A Colombian model and photographer living in San Francisco, CA. Her favorite designers are ones that incorporate sustainability to help communities around the world such as Sara Melissa and Totonga Bomoi.
Alondra Mendoza
A Mexican fashionista from San Francisco, CA. One of her dreams is to be a contestant on Nuestra Belleza Latina.
Featured Makeup Artist: Maria Herrera
Maria Herrera is a makeup artist from Ventura County, California. She's a big fan of Kim Kardashian and considers her the queen when it comes to the latest in style and trends.
Featured Fashionista: Lorena Hidalgo
Lorena Hidalgo is a fashionista from Sevilla, Spain. When she is not sharing her natural, affordable and stylish looks on social media, she is teaching children with hearing and language difficulties.
Adriana Melara
Adriana Melara is a Salvadoran fashionista from Dallas, Texas. Her goal is to inspire young people to start working on their passions from a very early age so they learn their real strengths and have a chance of making them of use in their future careers.
Patricia Gloria Contreras
A Mexican-Italian actress and model. Her favorite designers are Zimmerman, Redemption and Milly.
Featured Model: Stefany Araujo
Stefany Araujo was recently awarded Miss Houston Venezuela 2017. Her model and style inspiration is Venezuelan fashionista and designer Carolina Silva.
Featured Model: Sheyla Quizena
Sheyla Quizena is a model from Barranquilla, Colombia. When it comes to fashion her favorite outfits are tight dresses and high waisted jeans with crop tops.
Featured Fashionista: Lourdes Tena
Lourdes Tena is a Mexican fashionista who currently runs her own blog and Youtube channel where she features a variety of fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.
Featured Model: Estefania Muñoz
Estefania Muñoz is a Colombian model who prefers a natural look instead of makeup. The trends in her warm city of Pereira-Risaralda are transparencies and skirts.
Featured Model: Oriana Durán 
Oriana Durán is a Venezuelan model living in the tropical city of Aragua. She believes Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart and Candice Swanepoel have the perfect style.
Featured Model: Laura Muro
Laura Muro is a Argentinian model living in London. Aside from being a model, Laura's goal is to start her own vintage jacket brand.
Featured Fashionista: Evlyn Huayek
Evlyn Huayek is a Colombian fashionista from Los Angeles. Evlyn loves boho style and anything thats comfortable and feminine. Her favorite brands are Club Monaco, Madewell, Free People and Banana Republic for their versatile casual wear.
Featured Fashionista: Desirée Velásquez
Desirée Velásquez is a Puerto Rican fashionista from Chicago. Having lived in Madrid, Spain for half a decade has given her a different perspective on fashion which she shares on her blog Fashionlingual.
Featured Model: Cibeles Díaz
Cibeles Díaz is a Venezuelan model from Miami who aspires to be an international model and create her own fashion brand named after her.
Featured Fashionista: Vanessa Espinoza-Luna
Vanessa Espinoza-Luna is Mexican-American fashionista and blogger from Texas. She currently oversees the DFW Latina Bloggers group and hopes to make it an environment where brands will reach out to its members for collaborations.
Estefania Ornelas
Estefania Ornelas is a Mexican fashionista from Hermosillo, Sonora. Her goals are to graduate as an Industrial Designer and grow her Youtube channel where she features her fashion advice.
Featured Makeup Artist: Lizeth Ramos
Lizeth Ramos is a Mexican makeup artist. She may dress girly and love makeup but she also loves to play video games in her spare time and prefers sneakers over heels any day.
Featured Fashionista: Rocio Mercado
Rocio Mercado is a Mexican fashionista from Los Angeles, CA. When it comes to fashion Donatella Versace is her favorite designer and Olivia Culpo is her favorite model.
Featured Fashionista: Gabriela Dalfen
Gabriela Dalfen is a Mexican fashionista from Dallas, Texas. When it comes to outfits she likes to change it up such as jeans and a blazer one day and a sexy but elegant mid-length dress the next.
Featured Model: Erica Moala
Erica Moala is a Mexican-American model from Southern California. Most people are surprised to find out when Erica breaks the news she is a wife, mother and plus size model, although uncomfortable at times it motivates her.
Featured Model: Jennifer Castillo
Jennifer Castillo is a Colombian model from South Florida. She has a black belt in karate and has partaken in ballet, pointe and jazz.
Featured Model: Katherine Garduño
Katherine Garduño is a Mexican-Honduran model from Quintana Roo, Mexico. The trends in her Caribbean city are bikinis and sporty.
Featured Fashionista: Leslie Gudino
Leslie Gudino is a Mexican fashionista from San Francisco, CA. What she loves about being Latina is that they are feisty and independent women with so much to bring to the table.
Featured Fashionista: Cindy Elena
Cindy Elena is a Mexican-American fashionista from SoCoal now living in a Guanajuato, Mexico. Her favorite outfits are composed of denim, comfy shoes and colors such as white, blue, black and pink.
Featured Artist: Gilda Garza
Gilda Garza is a Mexican artist from Sinaloa. Her favorites when it comes to fashion are Roberto Cavalli and Audrey Hepburn.
Featured Fashionista: Laura Nunez
Laura Nunez, a Mexican fashionista from Los Angeles loves brands Chanel and Fashion Nova. Her goals are to become an RN and to help families and homeless kids in need.
Featured Fashionista: Valentina Pita
Valentina Pita is a Venezuelan fashionista living in Mexico City. Her style is a mix of casual, sexy and elegant.
Featured Fashionista: Betsie Islas
Betsie Islas is a fashionista from Puebla, Mexico. When it comes to her favorite outfits and styles she loves comfortable sets, with basic clothes in gray, black and white.
Featured Makeup Artist: Jessica Omid
Jessica Omid is a Latina fashionista and makeup artist from Irvine, CA with a huge obsession for designer bags from brands such as Chanel, YSL, Bvlgari, and Louis Vutton. She believes Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid have the best style.
Featured Fashionista: Lenny Izquierdo
Lennzy Izquierdo is a fashionista from Guatemala residing in Los Angeles, California. Her favorite outfit is her blue or black jeans from Paige with a white tee from Vince or Rag & Bone.
Brianda Carrasco
A Mexican model from Houston, Texas was awarded Miss Houston Latina in 2017. She has a love for adrenaline rush and has gone skydiving, bungee jumping, free falling and more.
Featured Fashionista: Daniella Cuesta
Daniella Cuesta is a passionate Colombian fashionista from Miami, Florida. She admires Camilia Coelho and Negin Mirsalehi's style and one of her goals is to own her own fashion business.
Featured Fashionista: Stefy Vence
Stefy Vence is a lawyer from Bogota, Colombia with a passion for fashion and beauty. Her goal is to set up a boutique in the U.S. that characterizes each region of her country.
Featured Blogger: Vanessa Dembo
Vanessa Dembo is a Venezuelan fashionista living in Minnesota. Vanessa runs her own online store where you can find unique handmade accessories from South America for people who want a pop of color or statement pieces for their outfits.
Featured Model: Larissa Santiago
Larissa Santiago is a Puerto Rican model and actress from New York City. Her ultimate goal in life is to empower women and young girls to live a confident life without fear.
Featured Fashionista: Maria Botero
Maria Botero is a Colombian fashion designer from Miami who wants to influence peoples live, not only by showing outfits, trips, or cute pictures, but by helping overcome their battles, fears, and insecurities through spiritual methods.
Featured Model: Erica Mendoza
Erica Mendoza is a Mexican model from the Bay Area, California who aspires to be an actress and run her own production company. Her favorite outfits are a combination of chic and formal casual.
Featured Fashionista: Marisol Flamenco
Marisol Flamenco from El Salvador is a fashionista based in Washington D.C. Marisol has her own fashion blog and surprisingly loves playing the tambourine.
Featured Lifestyle Blogger: Marla Brigitte Treviño Ramirez
Brigitte Trevino, a lifestyle blogger from Monterrey, Mexico is big fan of Steven Madden and Zara.
Featured Model: Frankie Tavares
Frankie Tavares is a professional model from Puerto Rico. Frankie is passionate about being Latina and enjoys spending time with her family. One of her favorite brands is INC International Concepts.
Yilena Hernandez
Yilena Hernandez is a fashion blogger and influencer from Cuba. Yilena most recently hit the runway for Wilfredo Gerardo at New York Fashion Week 2018.
Keyshla Maisonet
Keyshla Maisonet hopes to represent Puerto Rico in the upcoming Miss Universe competition. When it comes to fashion, Keyshla loves the color black and brands like Versace and Chanel.
Featured Model: Mónica López
Mónica López is a Salvadorean model with a desire to study medicine. She believes Bella Hadid and Ursula Corbero have the best style.
Featured Fashionista & Beauty Guru: Daniela Rios
Daniela Rios, from Mexico runs her own fashion blog and vlog. One of her aspirations is to open a Mexican restaurant or coffee shop.
Featured Fashionista: Thaio Vasques
Venezuelan Thaio Vasques talks about why she loves being Latina, her fashion sense, her weakness, her passions and much more.
Featured Beauty Guru: Marlu Silva
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Yani Romero
Yani RomeroInfluencerResidence: San FranciscoNationality: Mexican/AmericaInstagram: @hiyaniromero What are your favorite fashion trends?San Francisco or the Bay Area, isn't often regarded[...]
Featured Fashionista: Cynthia Aguirre
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Featured Model: Alexandra Vazquez
AlexandraVazquezModelResidence: Chualar, CA Nationality: Mexican Instagram: @alexandraavazquez What do you love about being Latina?As a Latina woman, there are many[...]
Featured Makeup Artist & Fashionista: Marisa Barajas
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Featured Model: Catalina Morales
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Featured Fashionista: Andrea Peña
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Featured Fashionista: Ivangellys
[av_one_full first min_height='' vertical_alignment='' space='' custom_margin='' margin='0px' padding='0px' border='' border_color='' radius='0px' background_color='' src='' background_position='top left' background_repeat='no-repeat' animation='' mobile_breaking='' mobile_display=''] [av_textblock[...]
Featured Makeup Artist: Lailah Díaz
[av_one_full first min_height='' vertical_alignment='' space='' custom_margin='' margin='0px' padding='0px' border='' border_color='' radius='0px' background_color='' src='' background_position='top left' background_repeat='no-repeat' animation='' mobile_breaking='' mobile_display=''] [av_textblock[...]
Featured Fashionista: Claudia Camargo
ClaudiaCamargoFashionistaResidence: Minneapolis, MN Nationality: Colombian Instagram: @miles.and.smiles What do you like about being Latina?Too many things to count but the[...]
Vanessa Arriola
VanessaArriolaModelResidence: Vallejo, CA (Bay Area)Nationality: MexicanInstagram: @nessagirrrrl What do you like about being Latino?I love that Latina’s are known as[...]
HERMOSAZ Featured Model: Antonella Nakfour
AntonellaNakfourModelResidence: Miami, FL Nationality: Venezuela Instagram: @antonakfour What do you like about being Latina?What I love about being Latina, is[...]
Featured Model: Jessica Sanchez Villarreal
[av_one_full first min_height='' vertical_alignment='' space='' custom_margin='' margin='0px' padding='0px' border='' border_color='' radius='0px' background_color='' src='' background_position='top left' background_repeat='no-repeat' animation='' mobile_breaking='' mobile_display=''] [av_textblock[...]
HERMOSAZ Featured Model: Anna Paula Rossetto
Anna PaulaRossettoFashionistaResidence:San FranciscoNationality:BrazilianInstagram: Tell us about yourself.I am a young mom, trying to live and give my daughter the best[...]
HERMOSAZ Featured Model: Larissa Da Costa
Larissa DeCostaModel and FashionistaResidence: Bay Area Nationality: Brazilian Instagram: @larissa1817 What do you like about being Latina?What I enjoy the[...]
HERMOSAZ Featured Model: Vanessa Estrella
VanessaEstrellaFashionistaResidence:Bay AreaNationality:Mexican AmericanInstagram: Tell us about yourself.I am 25 years old, born in Chicago, Ill. Moved to California about 11[...]
HERMOSAZ Featured Model: Sara Cantalejo García
SaraCantalejo GarciaModelResidence: Sacramento, CA Nationality: Spaniard Instagram: @saritafrommadrid Tell us about yourself.My favorite things to do are traveling, reading and[...]
HERMOSAZ Featured Model: Yazmin Morales
YazmineMoralesModelResidence: Hayward, CA Nationality: Mexican Instagram: @_yazi.xo What do you like about being Latino?What I like about being Latino are[...]
HERMOSAZ Featured Model: Crystal Mendoza
CrystalMendozaModelResidence: San Jose, CA Nationality: Mexican Instagram: @crystal_mndza Can you tell us a little about yourself?I'm 20 years old, I[...]
Featured Makeup Artist: Ana Rodriguez
AnaRodriguezMakeup ArtistResidence: Oakland, CANationality: Mexican Instagram: @makeupbyanaesbeydi What do you like about being Latina?The culture and the beauty Mexico has[...]
Featured Model: Luz Cabrera
LuzCabreraModel and FashionistaResidence: San Francisco, CA Nationality: Mexican Instagram: @luzcabreraoffical What do you like about being Latina?I love being Latina,[...]