Anna Paula Rossetto
Anna Paula Rossetto
Tell us about yourself.

I am a young mom, trying to live and give my daughter the best life she can have.

What do you like about being Latino?
All the doors that have opened up for me for being able to speak 2 languages.
What are your favorite colors?


What are your favorite brand of clothes?

I don’t have a favorite brand of clothes, what ever fits nice and looks nice is my favorite.

What’s your favorite style?

I am more in to the hippie type, but it also depends on my mood of the day. I can be really girly but also a tomboy.

What are the items you always carry in your purse?

Lotion, ID, credit card, chapstick and mascara.

Anna Paula Rossetto
Anna Paula Rossetto
Anna Paula Rossetto
Which actor/actress or model has the best style according to your taste?

Kendall Jenner because she is very natural.


Who was your role model growing up and how does that influence who you are today?

I don’t think I ever had a role model because I’ve always been in to doing my own things and very hardheaded when it comes to something I want.


What is your favorite Latino Dish?

Pinhão, it’s a Brazilian seed that only grows in the south of Brazil .


What is your favorite thing to do?

I love to spend time with my daughter, or go to the beach to just think and relax if she is not around.


What is a good life lesson that you would like to share with others?

I think that you have to definitely be careful with those you call your friends, because a lot of people out there are rooting for you to lose so always measure out the good and bad that people do to you and who is actually there for you when you are down.


Anna Paula Rossetto
Anna Paula Rossetto

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