Julie Mayorga

Fashionista and Blogger

Birthday: February 8th

Residence: Pachuca Hidalgo

Nationality: Mexicana

Instagram: @jul_mayorga

Facebook: @jul_mayorga

What do you like about being Latina?

I like the taste, the sensuality and the joy that distinguishes us as Latinas.

What’s something about you that people would be surprised to know?

I have two children, I am completely a housewife and my dream was always to be a model, I do not know if I will ever achieve it, but I get the best out of me in each session to tell people that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams and that everything can be done in life.

What are your favorite colors and outfits that make up most of your closet?

My favorite colors are black, white and pink, my wardrobe has a lot of black, it is a color for every occasion, elegant, sexy and very practical, as well as me.

What trends are big in your city?

The city where I live is very small, so in this and almost every moment the predominant trend is retro, fashion from the 90's is what you see in the boutiques

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do you like about that brand?

My favorite Mexican designers, Pineda Covalín, since I love how they capture Mexico in each garment, its colors and textures are undoubtedly what they do. And my favorite international designer is Carolina Herrera, I admire her work, her way of thinking and her designs are so elegant and so feminine that she could use each one without any problem.

Which actresses or models do you believe have the best style?

Gigi Hadid , Rosie Huntington and, Paula Echeverría

Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are your goals?

I see myself fulfilling my dream of helping many women who have fallen into depression, my dream is to found a center with psychological and holistic care, supported by art (photography, catwalk, design, performing arts, singing, dancing, etc.). I want to support all those women who have been affected by this disease and that even many do not realize they have it.

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