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Julieth in green gown
What do you like about being Latina?

I like the versatility we can have and show in our daily life. As we work, we dedicate time to our ventures, we take care of our pets and we are aware of household chores, at the same time we can meet social events and look beautiful and elegant.

We fight against everything that comes our way, we maintain our good energy and our whole life has a kind of special spice, that Latin spice.

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?

I have to do a thousand things daily, from very early I have to meet various tasks and sometimes I end up running from one place to another. Being organized is fundamental, I can not have a messy apartment, when I have to get ready, I try many outfits until I get the perfect one, but at the same time I clean everything up.

I am one of those persons who has a little box for everything, all my shoes are organized in boxes, my makeup is very organized as well, I have all my night makeup in one place, as well as my clothes, I order my clothes by color. Many people are surprised at how organized I am.

What is your favorite brand / designer?
Gucci is one of my favorite brands. I like to wear it because its pieces have a lot of black and gold, colors that I love to use.
In addition to being a brand that always has different or particular garments to call it in some way, they allow me to look different, it’s not easy to find another girl wearing the same clothes.
What do you like about that brand?
Shoes and accessories, I am not as classy or simple when choosing my outfits. I love sparkles and outstanding pieces to complement my look. Gucci always has shoes and accessories that you have to look at, completely different and elegant, as well as super trendy! I love that.
What are your favorite colors and sets that make up most of your closet?

When dressing, black is essential in my closet. Because I can combine them with any trending color, I can play a lot with my makeup and the best thing is that black garments are versatile to wear at any time of the day.

I have many black skirts, palazos, pants, blouses and a lot of underwear of this color. Because I really like it.

And if we talk about bright colors, I think that one of the ones I love to wear the most, because it also highlights my skin a lot, is the color red. Jeans with a red blouse and nude heels are the perfect outfit for my day to day.

What trends are great in your city?

I am currently living in Mexico City and I think it is very common to see women wear metallic colors, glitters and sequins, both in footwear, clothing and accessories.

During the day and night, you will always see women in bright clothes, regardless of the time or place. So I think it's a trend that a lot of women use in this city.

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Dia de los muertos style
Golden dress
What actresses or models do you think have the best style?

Two references come to mind: The first is a model of my beautiful Colombian country and is called Ariadna Gutierrez, her style is sophisticated, very clean, and like me, she wears many striking garments when it comes to dressing.

And the second one is Camila Coelho, a Brazilian Fashion Blogger who in recent years has inspired me by the way she mixes her clothes, the arrangement of hair and makeup. I love all her outfits and I confess that sometimes I try to imitate her looks and her hair because she dares to look different. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are your goals?

I am a woman who loves challenges and for the next few years, if it is in God’s plan, I hope to have my clothing line ready in the market, I want to open several stores in different cities of the country, which allow women to have a place where they can put together different styles for any occasion.

That they feel beautiful, empowered and with people around them who can help them feel comfortable, beautiful and with advice in all aspects. Not only with his clothes.

This along with developing my career as an actress. I was recently part of a series representing a very nice character and I hope that new doors will open from this experience.

Golden color long dress
Julieth golden dress photo looking down

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