These are the affordable makeup brands you should know

affordable makeup brands
When it comes to makeup sometimes it can be a bit expensive.

Most of the time affordable brands have the same exact quality or even better for some products at a cheaper cost. 

Who doesn't like saving money?

Here are 5 affordable makeup brands that you can find at your local drugstore!

Colourpop Cosmetics

Colourpop is very well known for their beautiful blushes. They have a very big range for all skin tones. They have matte and shimmery blushes. They also have both powder or cream blushes depending on your skin type and what you prefer. They are super inexpensive and last ALL DAY! Colourpop also has the most beautiful packaging, from Hello Kitty to Candy land, the packaging is so adorable and perfect to set it up on your vanity.
NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics has been in the market for a very long time. They are one of the top inexpensive brands that have so much to offer. One of their products that you can never go wrong with is their lip glosses. They stay on for hours! They have over 30 different shades. You can go from a dark brown all the way to the perfect nude. Lipgloss is what completes the look, and the NYX Butter Glosses are both pigmented and affordable. Discover the online best lip gloss for women at Hermosaz.
Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild has one of the best eyeliners that can be found at a drugstore. Sometimes it's hard to find a matte eyeliner that won't smudge. The Wet N Wild Break Up Proof eyeliner is definitely worth a try. It is waterproof and will stay on ALL DAY WITH NO SMUDGES! This one is matte black but they have different colors to choose from.
e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics is hands down the best affordable makeup brand. They have the most full coverage concealer that will cover any imperfection! They have an amazing shade range with over 20 different colors with all types of undertones. The formula is full coverage and it wears so beautifully. You can use it to both highlight and contour your face and your skin will look flawless and airbrushed! The e.l.f. Camo Concealer deserves all the hype it gets! Hermosaz is the best place to get the best concealers for ladies at an affordable price.
Morphe x James Charles


If you are looking for inexpensive eyeshadow palettes that have amazing pigmentation look no further. MORPHE has so many different pallets with every color you can think of and blend seamlessly. They have shimmers, mattes, pressed glitter, you name it, they have it! They have color coordinated pallets for any colorful look you want to do. The James Charles Palette is one of their most sold palettes that has the perfect balance of neutrals and colorful shades!
We hope this article has helped you learn more about affordable makeup brands so you can look and feel beautiful, without hurting your wallet.

About the author: Maira Garcia

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