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The one-of-a-kind swimsuit trends that 2021 brings us

There is nothing better than living in your swimsuit.

There is something about bathing suits that makes your mood better, perhaps it is because we associate them with vacations, good weather and fun.

Today I want to invite you to review the swimsuit trends that 2021 brings us.

I'll also share with you 3 brands of swimsuits with Latin roots.

Let's get started!
There is nothing better than living in your swimsuit.

There is something about bathing suits that makes your mood better, perhaps it is because we associate them with vacations, good weather and fun.

Today I want to invite you to review the swimsuit trends that 2021 brings us.

I'll also share with you 3 brands of swimsuits with Latin roots.

Let's get started!

Long live the color and textures!

swimsuit trends x Camila
Pastel tones and neon colors will be very present.

In general you will find quite a few pieces in solid colors.

As for the prints, they will continue to be led by
animal print, but this season with a more minimalist air and you will also see floral prints inspired by the 80's and 90's that will add a touch of freshness to this year's collections.

All these colors and patterns will be in shiny fabrics and “
towel” type fabrics and without a doubt rough fabrics are the most present this season.

Brand: Bad Sisters

swimsuit trends Bad Sisters
A bikini that combines much of what we will see this year.

Created by
Bad Sisters, a brand made up of two Chilean sisters who draw and paint their designs on fabric.

Discover more of these incredible artists at 

All kinds of cutouts

swimsuit trends x Itzel
The cuts at the waist and under the bust are the protagonists this year.

This type of cut is called "cutout" which show the perfect portion of skin.

These cuts elevate your look and add a super sexy touch to your swimsuits.

Along with this are also present
asymmetrical cuts and rectangular necklines.

They all transform your one-piece swimsuit or bikini top into garments that you can wear beyond the beach or pool.

Combine them with jeans and sandals and you have a look for a totally different occasion.

As for the
bottoms, we will see the high and dug-out shot predominates.

Taking us back to the 80s style that also helps make your legs look miles away!

Brand: Awamaia Swim

swimsuit trends Awamaia Swim
This beautiful Awamaia Swim design from is a perfect example of how the cuts add the perfect touch to this piece.

Awamaia is a brand led by a
talented Venezuelan based in Boston who designs and manufactures each garment.

Find out more at 

It's all about the details

swimsuit trends x Paz
Small details always make big differences and every year we see how new elements are incorporated.

This 2021 belts, whether in bikini or one-piece swimsuits, will be an essential element.

Also together with the patterns and type of cut, they complement that “retro feels” that some of these garments will give us this summer.

The ruffles that we are seeing from previous years will continue in trend this 2021 and "straps" that are incorporated aim to give it versatility to the way you tie your top and help highlight your beautiful curves.

Brand: Luciérnaga Maison

swimsuit trends Luciérnaga Maison
A classic and timeless design from Firefly Maison

A brand with French and Salvadoran roots that undoubtedly creates a perfect balance between classics and trends.

Find out more at @luciernaga.maison.

Swimsuits are certainly versatile pieces and it is not necessary to limit their use. You can get creative with all the swimwear trends of the moment.

I invite you to create, to play with your clothes and to consume in a conscious way, every time you buy, take a minute to see the quality, and the different ways in which you can use them.

Being a conscious consumer not only implies buying what you need, but also knowing how the garment was created and how this process impacts our environment.

Finally, invite you to prefer small businesses where you know that each garment is made with a little piece of heart and the hands of someone who loves what they do.

Enjoy these swimsuit trends and enjoy your summer, beautiful!

About the Author: Paz Mosqueira  

Paz is a Chilean resident in Boston, ready to start a new adventure in Austin, Tx. She studied education in Chile, that is what brought her to the USA to work as a teacher and today she is working in the ed tech area. Apart from education, her other great passion is fashion, since she considers it to be a way that allows us to express our energy and essence to the world. You can discover more of its content at @pazwardrobe.

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