Top 10: Latina Bloggers You Should Be Watching This Year 

Multilingual actress, model and fashion blogger. From the capital of fashion, Paris, Patricia shares her lifestyle behind cameras. Patricia has a Youtube channel where she shares beauty tips that can most likely change your life! Get ready to meet your new favorite beauty and fashion Latina influencer.

Gilda Garza

Gilda Garza is a Mexican artist born in Sinaloa, Mexico. She started to paint as young as she can remember, a generational talent passed down to her from her grandmother. Gilda Garza has made a name for herself in the U.S. as one of very few Mexican female artists. She has left her footprint in several cities such as Miami and Los Angeles, where her art has hung on display at her “True Love” exhibition and at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

You are looking for your next favorite travel and lifestyle blogger? Miryam has traveled to Tokyo, Paris, Rome, NYC, and every other fashion capital that comes to your mind. From Sonora, Mexico, Miryam shares her Latino pride everywhere she goes, by wearing Mexican brands, red lipsticks, and representing her state in beauty pageants. Miryam’s style will kill you!

Alejandra Mora

Alejandra Mora, is a Mexican Youtuber and fashion influencer based in Texas, USA. Alexa has over 70k Subscribers in Youtube and her videos are the funniest thing ever! Alexa is a proud Latina, and she shares that with her audience, but she is also a fashion and beauty influencer.

Juany Yasmin is a Mexican Youtuber and lifestyle blogger. Her love for makeup and fashion is evident on every single post. If you are searching for outfit inspirations, she is your girl. You will also love the discount codes that she shares from her favorite brands!

From Miami, Corina shares her fabulous lifestyle and fashion taste. She is always showing her audience great restaurants and locations in Miami, while she looks radiant wearing one of her favorite outfits. Corina is the funniest blogger out there, she uploads videos that will make you laugh so hard that you would wish to be her best friend!


From Queretaro, MX, Daniela Galvan shares her lifestyle and fashion taste to the world. Daniela travels around the world and manages to look amazing 24/7 for her followers. If you love to see pictures of different cities every once in a while, you will definitely love her.

Maria Botero

Maria Botero is a writer and fashion blogger, you just need to read one of her blog post to fall in love with her writing style. From Miami, she shares the best restaurants and sunsets while wearing her favorite outfits. Maria is definitely one of the favorite Latina bloggers to watch this 2019.


If you love delicious food, Pao has your back! Based in Miami, Pao shares her own recipes as a professional chef and the final results in beautiful pictures. If that is not enough to convince you of her talent, Pao is also a fashion blogger and singer!

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