Mafer wearing floral dress
tropical crop top with shorts
What do you like about being Latina?

I love how welcoming we are and the culture of my country.

What does fashion mean to you and how would you define your style?

 Fashion is a way of introducing yourself to the world so that you can express the woman you are, in the perfect place and time. It is living in a constant trend, being sure of who you are, experiencing without losing the essence. My style is casual/formal, I love evening dresses and elegant outfits.

Who is your fashion icon?

Coco Chanel.

How does your culture influence your personal style?

 I always try to include a representative piece of my country in my clothes, however, I am open to any other style. It is always good to experiment with new styles.

Mafer wearing blue and white dress
black two piece with jean jacket
Green jumpsuit
If your life was a movie, what should be the title?

 "Without fear of anything."

What actresses or models do you think have the best style?

Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer. Aniston, Lily Collins, and Belinda

Mafer wearing long pink dress
Mafer wearing long white dress

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