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Marisa Barajas

Name: Marisa Barajas

Residence: Chicago, IL

Nationaility: Mexican

Instagram: @marisssastyles

What do you love about being Latina?

Being a latina means being proud of my culture and I embrace everything that it has to offer. Latina is not only an ethnicity but a way of life.

What’s something about you that people would be surprised to know?

This year I was fortunate enough to take some time off and travel to Panama to deliver medical supplies to the less fortunate. It was an unforgettable experience knowing that because of my mission team, we were able to put a smile on the people’s faces. Next year my team and I will be traveling to Peru to put more smiles on faces.

What are your favorite colors and outfits that make up most of your closet?

My favorite colors to wear are definitely a strong red and a fierce black. They make me feel strong, powerful like I could conquer the world.

What trends are big in your city?

Since I live in a big city, Chicago has a lot to offer like rooftop restaurants and lounges with an amazing view of our beautiful skyline. One of the biggest fashion trends I tend to see is high waisted jeans. Definitely a stable in your wardrobe.

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do you like about that brand?

My favorite brand has to be Chanel. They’re always having the latest trends by mixing old with the new. That brand has everything from makeup which I love, to bag, shoes, and clothes. One of my favorite quotes from Chanel is “ Fashion is always in the time that we live” by Gabrielle Chanel.

Which actresses or models do you believe have the best style?

I respectively admire Salma Hayek, but not because of her on screen performances but because of her off screen work. She is committed to helping women that have been affected by domestic violence and discrimination against immigrants. She also has great sense in fashion.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are your goals?

I see myself working as a clinical pharmacist in an Oncology Center and working on my own clothing line.

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