Micaela Ludvik

​Micaela Ludvik

Model, Singer and Actress

Residence: ​​​Argentina

Nationality: Argentinian

Instagram: @micaelaludvik

What do you like about being Latina?

I like the strength of our spirit, the ease of our walk, and the sisterhood among women.

​What does fashion mean to you and how would you define your style?

Fashion has always caught my attention, but not enough to depend on it. I was always true to my style. I like to take my style and uniqueness above all things.

Who is your fashion icon?

I think I like many! I don't have any in particular.

​How does your culture influence your personal style?

My culture definitely influence my style. The way I dress is sometimes a way of expression, freeing myself and revealing myself of certain things.

​If your life was a movie, what should the title be?

"The light of my shadows" is in fact the title of a short film that I made. It is a self portrait.

What actresses or models do you think have the best style?

I love Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid, Jessica Goicoechea, and I am a fan of Miley Cyrus.

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