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Pants for Women that make you feel comfortable and cool

Remember that in your wardrobe not everything can be dresses, that's why you need good pants for women that make you feel more comfortable, beautiful and according to the occasion. At Hermosaz, you’ll find different designs, cuts and the latest trends so that you can buy them from the store of your choice.


We have selected a wide variety of pants for women so you can pick different ones that allow you to renew your wardrobe as you want according to your style. In addition, we make sure that they have the best prices so you don't spend too much on them; therefore, the best way to buy clothes is through our catalog.

As for the different pants for women that you’ll find in this section of our online catalog, you’ll find one for every occasion; from the classic gabardine pants for work, to leather pants for a rock look or sportswear for when you want to feel more comfortable. We offer you the best options of the brands you like the most without wasting a lot of time searching.

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Do not forget that the most important thing when buying clothes, such as pants for women like the ones in this section, is how comfortable you feel with them. Also take into account what you’ll wear them for; therefore, it’s important that you know each of the types that you’ll see in our catalog and that you will see in the following list.

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Know all the Pants for Women at Hermosaz

It’s possible that you don’t know the different names of pants for women that are in our catalog. Each one of them, you can wear them so that your outfit goes according to the occasion; This way you’ll have different ones to go out with your friends, with your partner, to be at home or for any important event of your work.

We divide them between pants for women that are more formal from those that will fit you best for a casual look; in this way, you’ll know how to choose the most suitable for each occasion:

Formal Pants for Woman

  1. Paper bag pants: If you want a formal yet comfortable look, these pants for women are perfect; also if you have a lot of hips you’ll look amazing on them. They sit snugly on the hips with their high waist, but flare out through the legs.
  2. Palazzo pants: These pants for women are in different colors and are so wide in the leg area that it will seem that you are wearing a dress; therefore, they are the ideal pants for a party, because you’ll look elegant and very stylish.
  3. Skinny pants: Don't think there are only Skinny jeans, as there are many types of pants for women with the same cut, but with different textures and colors. They are perfect to make an evening look, just combine them with a beautiful pair of shoes.
  4. Straight pants: The cut of these pants for women is completely straight; this makes them one of the most formal on this list. It doesn’t matter if they are jeans or any other fabric, with a good blazer you’ll have a business woman look.

Casual Pants for Women

  1. Baggy pants: Baggy pants for women are flared and very loose, which makes them one of the most comfortable on this list. If you want to hide your hips a little more or if you want the best look for this summer, these are the ideal ones.
  2. Capri pants: These pants for women are shorter and end after the knees. Its name is due to its origin on the Italian island of Capri, where they began to be used for walking on the beach.
  3. Bermuda shorts: Among the short pants for women that you can wear for a casual look, these are the most versatile. With a blouse and a jacket, you can make the most of an occasion when you have to look more formal.
  4. Shorts: Shorts are also pants for women and are best for an extremely hot day during the summer. They are short and will keep you cool all day long, just wear a t-shirt or light blouse with them.

Get the best Pants for Women at Hermosaz

If we talk about pants for women, in Hermosaz you’ll find a wide selection so you can buy the ones you need or want to have in your closet. Just remember when buying them that the best clothes are the ones you feel most comfortable in; therefore, do not follow trends that may not favor you or do not go with your style.

From our catalog you can buy the best pants for women that the most recognized stores in the United States have. Hermosaz is the site made by Latin women for Latin women with the largest selection of clothing; compare all prices, styles and brands so you can buy only what your closet needs so you look amazing at all times.

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