Spring Dresses

Floral Linen-Blend Dress

Orig: $19.90 Sale: $12.99

Floral Surplice Midi Dress

Orig: $19.90 Sale: $12.99

Tie-Front Romper

Sale: $15.90

Nature Print Cutout Maxi Dress

Orig: $48.00 Sale: $23.99

Diamond Dot Open-Shoulder Maxi Dress

Orig: $18.00 Sale: $11.99

Open-Shoulder Floral Wrap Dress

Orig: $19.90 Sale: $12.99

Floral Wraparound Halter Dress

Orig: $39.90 Sale: $22.00

Crochet-Trim Maxi Dress

 Sale: $39.90

Striped Floral Ruffle-Trim Dress

Orig: $19.90 Sale: $9.95

Self-Tie Cutout Cami Dress

Orig: $24.90 Sale: $16.99

Selfie Leslie Floral Surplice Cami Dress

Orig: $45.00 Sale: $30.99

Plunging Floral Print Dress

Orig: $48.00 Sale: $32.99

Floral Button-Front Fit & Flare Dress

Orig: $22.90 Sale: $15.99

Off-The-Shoulder Floral Dress

Orig: $15.90 Sale: $10.99

Off-the-Shoulder Ruched Mini Dress

Orig: $14.90 Sale: $9.99

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