The 10 most desired products by Latina influencers

It's the season of giving but you must admit, receiving a little gift yourself is also nice. Or hey, why not treat yourself this season too! From gloves to coats, here are the 10 products latina influencers are raging about and loving as gifts during this holiday season.


Leather PINK boxing gloves with gold

"The boxing gloves have been my best ally this quarantine, since I practice boxing once a week, it makes me feel safe, strong and above all powerful. These gloves reflect the feminine style and allow me to combine them with my sports outfits without any problem, this sport revolutionizes me and I love that there is a brand for us, high-performance athletes." - @mooncheriie



"To fulfill our daily purposes it is essential to be well organized, and what better way than to run this organization from a place of inspiration such as the BOSSIER agendas. Let me tell you that this brand fascinates me for many reasons, let's start with, they are a 100% Mexican brand, it has an incredible and good design, what can I tell you, it is designed for all entrepreneurial women to achieve their goals." - @lic_aryleneclark

Chinese Laundry

Teaser Platform Sandal

"The famous “Teaser” from Chinese Laundry are the heels that every beauty pageant candidate must have. It's the chic and elegant design plus the comfort that it offers, that makes you take each step safely. Since I tried them for the first time I knew that they would always accompany me, because you can also wear them with any type of clothing, from jeans and a blouse, to an elegant evening dress." - @mariavargasrd

Michael Kors

Wool-Blend Double-Breasted Coat

"This product is a Michael Kors coat. I am from NYC and the winters here are very cold. One of the things that I look for when shopping, is I always see that it is fashionable and that it can be used for many occasions. Besides being a nurse I love fashion. This coat is beautiful and I love the color. I think any influencer would be very happy with a very good quality coat like Michael Kors' and the price is very affordable." -@mayan_diang


Tom Ford

Platform Lock Sandals

"These TF platforms are ultra chic to be used with different outfits either at night or during the day. I would wear them with a pleated midi and smoked tights or leather pants of the same color for a more muddy leg. They are the perfect sandal for an edgy look." - @lizostyle


JLo Jennifer Lopez

Erregina Pumps

"Perfect for the holidays and after! These see-through pumps add a chic touch with elegance to any outfit! As they are clear, they combine with any color you choose for your Christmas outfit whether you live somewhere hot or cold. And after the holidays you can keep using them because they never go out of style! I consider it a Super Buy! And if you will be a mommy soon, the comfort of these shoes will let you look fashionable and at the same time be able to walk in heels with a belly!" - @mrschicawithstyle



Cable Knit Vest 

"One of my favorite articles of clothing is this sweater vest from Zara. It is a style that has resurfaced from the old school, an elegant, modern, super trendy, comfortable style. A non-demanding piece that can go with everything, in my case I would give it a touch with a white shirt underneath to give a more polished appearance, this piece would be used for any time of the day." - @carolcolladom


Dolce MUSA by Jettysblog

"The products from Dolce MUSA by Jettysblog have something special, because it is a brand that focuses on choosing exact pieces to reach the complete taste of all people. It is a brand that encourages and inspires you to dare, to innovate in fashion and to look different. Its authentic styles make you always want to visit this boutique. This leather jacket, for example, is a garment that I can combine in different ways and for different occasions and I know that I will always achieve supremely authentic looks that will attract outsiders." - @jettysblog


Tremols Boutique


"This brand of swimsuits is my favorite, they are comfortable and adjustable to your body. I usually use them every time I go to the beach or any other place outdoors. It seems to me that the product is of very good quality as well as being personalized and created in different countries such as: Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. They have different colors and styles to your liking. On the other hand I like to exercise with comfortable sportswear. They also bring sports sets of colors, short and long. Finally, I highly recommend this brand since I like to choose a style of clothing for my daily routine that goes with my Fashion Style, so I can exercise and see it look divine. Tremols Boutique makes me feel fashionable." - @genesistremolsr



Smart Caviar White 38mm Watch Bracelet

"Accessories on a woman is the strong, and at the same time, more transparent touch of her essence. When choosing accessories, many factors come into play: her feelings, her thinking and her form of transmitting are communicated directly. I chose this watch because it was a very unique piece for me and it caught my attention for its design. It really is something that identifies me and which will make me feel more comfortable and sophisticated in my day to day life." - @thaniadelafuente