The 10 trendiest Christmas looks by Latina influencers

The holiday season is an exciting time filled with family love. And even more so in Latino families. And of course, it is one of our favorites season since it allows us to dress up and highlight outfits that make us look beautiful! 

We invited our followers to tag and share their favorite Christmas looks for a chance to enter our competition.

Here we present you the 10 Latina influencers with the best Christmas looks of 2020!

look navideño de Carolina


"I am a musical theater artist. I dance with Disney in shows on their cruise ships. I had the opportunity to be an Au pair in New York and enjoy the fashionable shops on Fifth Avenue. I love creating outfits that have personality, feel strong, powerful and beautiful."

Naye con vestido verde


"I am Naye Lopez, Mexican image consultant. More than fashion, I love the essence. I love how a garment or outfit can make you feel impressive, and I love how that feeling is reflected: looking good to feel better."

Ayelen con un vestido rosa


"Live fashion and communicate it, those are my mottos regarding this exciting world. I am a model, image consultant, designer and producer in process. This year I started with an account focused on fashion beauty & culture called "la chica de boina rosa" to which you are all invited."

Clau con arbol de navidad


"Fashion for me is who represents me outside in whatever I want to be before society, but not who defines me inside."

Nathis sonriendo con arbol de navidad


"Hello! I am Nathalie Molina, better known as Nani, I am 21 years old, I am a Venezuelan in Argentina. Since I was a child, the Barbie designer game made me dream, although I did not have so many clothes...I saw that this is where we can all draw our talent ! I love fashion because it exploits your creativity. I only ask you, never stop believing in yourself. ❤️ "

Carol en vestido verde


"My name is Carolina Medina. I am Dominican and I am passionate about life and its challenges. From an early age, my interest in fashion was awakened; I love fashion because it allows me to express myself as I am. One of the things that most I like fashion is that every day it surprises us. It breaks its own rules, speaks without you having to open your mouth and is subjective."

Lorena con vestido negro y blanco


"Hello, my name is Lorena Rico and I am Mexican at heart, body and soul. I consider myself a very happy, passionate and authentic person. I have always loved fashion since with it we can play with our tastes and with trends, show who we are through it; and something that I really love about fashion is that it changes in the blink of an eye and that makes us get out of our comfort zone. Without a doubt, fashion is my passion and I love being part of her."

Caro al lado de un grande arbol de navidad


"Fashion is being ourselves. From those tastes and personalities, the outfits that come out, become a trend. It is to express yourself in the clothes and accessories, what you think and feel."

Julieta en una cropped top y botas negras


"My name is Julieta Riveros, I am from Cordoba Argentina, I am 22 years old and I have been working as a model since I was 13. I started in this world very young, and from day one I love this profession and fashion! What I like the most about it, It is its constant renovation and transformation, it never becomes boring or monotonous because new ideas of colors, fabrics and designs are always presented to play and combine outfits. Another thing that I like the most about fashion is the adaptation of society to her, because although it is usually something “imposed”, people can always adapt by expressing their tastes, personality and comfort adding their unique touch."

Brenda con su familia


"I am Brenda. I am a mother, wife, model, and physical therapist. I love fashion because it is a way by which we can express our personality without saying a word. Fashion is power."