The dress you need for any special occasion

​The dress you need for any special occasion
​SALE! Up to 80% Off

By: Sherri

The best business card for any woman is a dress that represents their personality. At Hermosaz, we are aware of your needs, we know that you want to save money but you want to look amazing at the same time! That's why we have chosen the best dresses for any special occasion on SALE! Enjoy the best styles at prices you will not be able to resist:

Halston Heritage
Fitted Halter Dress w/ Peplum Waist

Orig: $445.00 Sale: $88.80

Venice Ruched Chantilly Lace Dress

Orig: $145.00 Sale: $56.80

Fame and Partners
The Ace Self-Tie V-Neck Satin Gown

Orig: $349.00 Sale: $69.60

Marchesa Notte
Fil Coupe & Lace Cutout Dress

Orig: $795.00 Sale: $216.00

Lavinia Pleated Lace Maxi Dress

Orig: $459.00 Sale: $91.20

Lillian Italian Stretch Lace Midi Dress

Orig: $650.00 Sale: $228.00

Nightcap Clothing
Dixie Lace Bubble-Sleeve Mini Dress

Orig: $352.00 Sale: $123.20

Jill Jill Stuart
Crepe Off-the-Shoulder Long-Sleeve Dress

Orig: $295.00 Sale: $115.20

Halston Heritage
Sleeveless Dress w/ Knot & Lace Details

Orig: $395.00 Sale: $78.40

Halston Heritage
Structured Dress w/ Cap Sleeves

Orig: $475.00 Sale: $94.40

Fame and Partners
The Parkett Two-Piece Set w/ Twisted Crop Top & Skirt

Orig: $249.00 Sale: $49.60

Aidan Mattox
Ruffle Cold-Shoulder Knit Cocktail Dress

Orig: $245.00 Sale: $85.60

Halston Heritage
V-Neck Mini Dress w/ Dramatic Flounce Skirt

Orig: $445.00 Sale: $120.80

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Fitness Model
Maria Vargas
Miss Petite República Dominicana 2019
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