The perfect swimsuit for spring Break  

¡Hola hermosaz!

Te mostramos una selección de los mejores jeans blancos, una pieza imprescindible en el armario de cualquier amante de la moda.
Hola Hermosaz!
We are so tired of the chilly weather, We are craving the warmth, so do you? Hermosaz team are counting down the days until spring break finally arrives and since it will be full of pool parties, we share with you the latest trends in swimsuit, so you turn the beach on your runway.
  • Tied Up

This trend has been so fashionable in the tops during last year, now that was transferred to the swimsuits, If you are an euphoria fan as we are, you might have seen the pink bikini Cassie wore had this trend, and guess what it is already sold out! So, now you know if you wanna be a fashionista you should wear this bikini for sure 

With texture

You will see the knitted bikinis all over the beach, either in crochet or other techniques. The advantage this one has is besides looking cute and trendy, it will give you more volume to people with small breast. You’ll see it in solid colors or combined in vivid ones. The coolest ones are the bikinis that have shells as charms.


 Another trend that we’ve been seeing on the last year, comes also to the bikini area, the cutouts level up your bikini, turning you into a fashionista, trust us all looks are gonna be on you


 This is the perfect look if you are a bit more reserved or if you love the Hollywood glamour, the cut is up to the waist, which will make you feel really comfortable, yet super trendy


The ruffles will be back, specially on strapless or one shoulder cuts, as we mentioned before, this kind of clothing generates volume, then don’t doubt it, you will look amazing with it. You can choose using it on the top or bottom, according in which side do you want it to be more prominent