These were our favorite Valentine's Day looks

www.hermosaz.com Valentine's Day looks
The day of love came and went, but those photos of the day will live forever...

And how can we not commemorate those outfits for our beloved Latinas who always add extra flavor to their looks of the day? Get a Valentine Day Look by Beautiful Dresses and accessories.

These are the best Valentine x Hermosaz looks.

Bianny Valerio

Dominican Republic

Bianny tells us that her look was inspired by seeing that red outfit hanging in her closet on the morning of February 14, 2021, in which I remembered that Valentine's Day is not a special date just because people decide to show more than every day his affection for others. The beautiful Dominican confirms that Valentine's Day is the right time to show ourselves how much we love each other.

It is that date in which you don't dress in red just because! Rather, you do it because you give meaning to the holiday, and my concept this year is self-love.

Yuleydy González Luna

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Yuleydy's outfit was inspired by a model at one of her favorite stores. She tells us that she was struck by the finish on the shoulders, which make her look even more elegant. The Dominican tells us that she gave the idea of combining it with the silver shoes to have a slightly more subtle color in the accessories and thus not take away the prominence of the dress. The beautiful Yuleydy invites us to think that every day we should let them know how much we care about our loved ones - and she also told us that this day she had an incredible time, having a super pleasant day full of beautiful moments, in a very nice restaurant in her country.

For me these dates are extremely special since it is a day in which we take time to please our friends and partner.


Dania Santillanes

Mexicali, Baja California, México

From Mexicali, Dania tells us that by choosing her outfit with pink as a base she wanted to express reciprocity, the joy that comes from being able to return to people even a little of what they have given her with their love, especially in these times. Pink is the color of feelings, pink is soft, kind, delicate and sensitive but also erotic, combining it with red they make a boom together, excellent for February 14 - that's how Dania describes it.

I chose to make this outfit for Valentine's Day combining feminine and romantic.

Kendra De Leon Hinojosa

Eakly, Oklahoma, USA / Tamaulipas, MX

Kendra, proudly Mexican, tells us that every night before falling asleep she automatically begins to imagine herself in the possible combinations of “outfits” that she could create. For that reason, as Valentine's Day approached, she knew she wanted to wear something red or pink. Kendra shares that luckily, she has a sister-in-law who is dedicated to designing shirts for every occasion, her page is called 3c_Creations333She made her the "Loads of Love" T-shirt. Kendra decided to combine the shirt with a leather skirt and a black concho belt. The day of love turned out to be a very cold day with a lot of snow, so Kendra decided to add tights with rhinestones and her mother's red coat. Kendra tells us that she doesn't normally wear coats for her photos but since it was getting too cold and snowing too much, in the end the red coat added the finishing touch that complemented the look. Clearly we all loved it!

Life is about seizing every moment. Although things do not always turn out well, one makes the decision to be happy or not. I choose happiness, next to my family and my wonderful boyfriend.

Natalia Padilla - Oviedo

McAllen, Texas, USA originally from CDMX

From Texas, the beautiful Natalia tells us that her idea for this outfit was something very fashionable with black and white to accentuate the very seasonal red accessories, such as the headband and earrings. Without a doubt, the red lipstick makes her Latin beauty shine even more! Hermosaz is the best place to buy lipsticks online for different shades and at affordable costs.

The very Valentine's essential accessory: @TheLovelyBouquet roses.

Alessandra Rossetti

Antofagasta, Chile

Alessandra, tells us that her idea for this day was to make a different outfit, much more daring and sensual. For that she used the black color that is elegant and sophisticated, ideal for a dinner, but in the same way she incorporated eco-leather texture. This texture gives it a much more “sexy” touch, She complemented it with an animal print blazer, a trend that never goes out of style and that also makes us look more daring. Alessandra tells us that her Valentine's Day was spent with a friend and they had an incredible time, that is why she left the "tender" a bit and took a risk with something more "sexy."

I chose red shoes and lipstick, the color of love and passion, In this way I got a more daring Valentine's outfit but without neglecting love, which is what is celebrated.


México City, MX

Joy, who always wins us over with her original and fun photos, shares that her friends motivated her with their photos by wanting to take a picture in that place. I love wearing the colors of each spot I visit and in this case it would not be the exception, says the Mexican fashionista. That dress is a charm and finally it's time to shine. Joy tells us that while in the middle of the shooting they made reference to Sex and the City (Carrie Bradshaw), her friends said that the look inspired an air of her. Although the red beret remains pending, without a doubt this is one of the best Valentine's looks we have seen!

I had always wanted to use red / pink, long ago I thought it was a very risky combination. Valentine confirmed otherwise.

Gene Torrellas

Caracas, Venezuela

The Venezuelan model, Gene, tells us that her look was inspired by the Greek goddesses, in the love that has always existed since ancient times; hence the color red, which symbolizes love. I only had the red dress in my closet, but when I got to the photo session my makeup artist and photographer @mila_fotography gave it that Greek touch that I wanted with that metal leaf headband that makes us travel through photography, the beautiful model shares with us. The best place to buy makeup online for any type of skin at an affordable price.

I felt fantastic to see the end result for this very special day, that we celebrate not only love for others but also our own.

Esmeralda Chavez

Miami, Florida, USA originally from Venezuela

Esmeralda, one of our beautiful spoiled women, who in addition to being a fashionista by nature, is an entrepreneur and owner of Crystal Dust Designs. Her jewelry was born in Venezuela 6 years ago. She tells us that for the Valentine's Day collection they made a special collaboration with the model @carolinadelgadofit and took out several pieces inspired by love, spirituality, empowerment and good vibes. All the accessories are 18k gold plated and they have us in love.

These locks represent eternal love and are inspired by the locks that lovers use on bridges in Paris to put their initials and wish each other eternal love.

Claudia Rodriguez

Atlanta, GA, USA originally from El Salvador

Claudia, originally from El Salvador, is one of our favorite makeup artists and for this day of love, we fell even more in love. Claudia is passionate about makeup and fashion, and this look was inspired by love. The photo was taken in New York, since I always wanted a photo that represents what I like and what better than in the city that is always at the forefront of fashion, she shares with us.

I wanted to wear red because for me it represents passion, passion for what I do.

Yenevie (Yeye) Santana

Phoenix, Arizona, USA originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

From Phoenix, USA, Yenevie shares her style with us through social media and we want to tell you: we love it! As everyone knows this year, Valentine's Day was a little different from previous years due to the pandemic we are experiencing. But it's still signs of celebration - even at home - so Yeye got creative. She looked for balloons, flowers, chocolates, cookies, champagne, strawberries, and she borrowed a huge bear from one of her nieces and decided to decorate an entire area of the living room.

As for her outfit, she decided to wear a classic little black dress with transparent sleeves with a polka dot design and lace stockings, for a classic, romantic and feminine touch. For the accessories she added simple pearl earrings and a soft and natural makeup, the combination was perfect, classy and fashionable.

My boyfriend was delighted with the decoration, the food and we had a great time celebrating together at the house. Without a doubt a Valentine without waste.

Leyani Trujillo

Miami, Florida, USA originally from Cuba

The beautiful Cuban, Leyani tells us that she chose red for her dress and heels because it is the color of love. She definitely made us all fall in love with her outfit!

It was a day full of love. I had a great time with my partner and friends. We celebrated that day just how it should be.

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