Top 10 Mexican Fashion Brands 

At Hermosaz, we are proud of the successes of our fellow Mexicans, and we love to see them on international runways, and in highly respected fashion magazines. Such is the case of these 10 Mexican brands that are everywhere and represent the best of Mexican fashion.


Audette offers contemporary, creative and high-quality creations. All their leather goods are created by Aude and Charles. All the pieces are handmade in the best workshop in Mexico City specialized in the manufacture of high-end leather.

Benito Santos

Originally from Tepehuaje de Morelos Jalisco, Benito Santos debuted in 2008 as a fashion designer. In these 12 years of career Benito Santos has participated in the most important fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week.

Alma de Sal

Mexico inspires; That is why it is the perfect place to create. Alma de Sal was born from this light.The brand's aesthetics transmit its richness through the materials, textures, waves and asymmetrical cuts of its designs. Alma de Sal captures the balance of life; it is elegant but relaxed; fashionable but timeless.

Eilean Brand

Eilean Brand is a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2012 and became 100% sustainable and organic in 2016. Its mission is to encourage its consumers to adopt a conscious way of buying, researching and knowing the origin of their products; as well as its impact on the environment.

Nabyl Zarina

Nabyl Zarina is a Mexican-American designer who created the brand under her name and has been recognized for winning DiseñandoMx32. Her garments are inspired by femininity, subtlety, elegance and the rich Mexican culture and its history.

Gregorio Cayetano 

Gregorio Cayetano reinterprets sensuality in each collection, endowing it with modernity and power through the use of innovative clothing techniques and high-quality materials in structured silhouettes, with the distinctive dominance of volume and color.

Macaria Teller

Macaria Taller is a shoe brand inspired by today's women, founded in 2016 in Mexico City. It was created from the need to give women shoes of the best quality, with design and the possibility of customization without ever losing the basic element, “comfort.”


Alersundi, by designer Alejandra Lersundi, represents Mexican creativity and designs. Their designs are feminine, elegant and specially designed for women who always want to be one step ahead.


Yakampot clothing line by Francisco Cancino, is feminine and elegant, and has been widely accepted by celebrities and fashion magazines. Yakampot clothing is handcrafted by artisans across the country.

H. by Hector De La Peña

The brand of the Mexican designer Hector De La Peña is characterized by its oversized, geometric and unisex garments. His garments are inspired by stories, his family and experiences, without a doubt his collections are a representation of himself.