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Welcome to Vanessa Style Shop, where you can find unique handmade accessories from South America for people who want a pop of color or statement pieces for their outfits.  Being Venezuelan and living for the past 10 years in Minnesota, it has been difficult for Vanessa to find accessories that are unique and especially touched by the hands and style of someone from South and/or Latin America. She decided to fill the void that exists on the internet and locally in this part of the United States by bringing her Venezuelan culture and style closer to the US by showcasing amazing brands and handmade pieces on her shop.

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Drop Filigree Mirror Earrings-Baby Blue-Sale Regular price $88.00 Sale price $79.00

Mandala Red Earrings- Sale

Regular price $68.00 Sale price $55.00

Drop Earrings Purple-Fucshia-Sale Regular price $78.00 Sale price $69.00

Gold Plated Wire Circle Earrings-Black

Regular price $55.00

Cotton Perle Hoop Earrings-Silver

Regular price $80.00

Drop Earrings Velvet & Silk Fabric Black Regular price $98.00

Alpargatas Shoes Black-Yellow Tassels- Sale Regular price $69.00 Sale price $58.00

Big Blue Square Glass Adjustable Ring Regular price $42.00

Flower Earrings

Regular price $52.00

Small Faux Fur Fabric Clutch Multi-OLIVE Regular price $168.00

Bubble Bead Bracelet White-Pendant Regular price $39.00

Bubble Bead Bracelet Multi Beads Symbol Regular price $39.00

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