Vanthé is an accessory brand that represents a style full of life and freshness: Nature inspires us.

The intention of Jessica Dakduk, creator and designer of the brand, is to help create inner and outer beauty in each one of you.

Vanthé has a group of talented people dedicated to creating unique quality pieces to enjoy and make you feel good. We invite you to make your purchases and collaborate with our social commitment to benefit people who need it most. (e.g. donations to children with cancer).

Create your own style with us, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

Clavel Yellow Flower Earrings

Price: $62.99

Pearl Egyptian Earrings

Price: $52.99

Butterfly Earrings

Price: $49.99

eep Sea Rectangle Flower Earrings

Price: $60.00

Mellow Rose Flower Earrings

Price: $60.00

Rosal Tassel Earrings

Price: $64.99

Cross Mexican Earrings

Price: $56.99

Maxi Diamond Woven Tassel Earrings

Price: $49.99

Cempa Triple Flower Earrings

Price: $46.99

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