Who is Way Changin?

Mexican Model and Actress

IG: @Waychangin

​​​​Who is Way Changin?

I am a woman from Sonora, from a small but very welcoming city called San Luis Rio Colorado. I currently reside in Mexico City. I am free, creative and I enjoy projecting my sensitivity to the world without prejudice. Under any means, I seek to transform every experience into a gift. At this moment I am creating my path as an artist; Definitely not an easy path but it's fulfilling and I think that's what life is about. At age 16 I participated in beauty contests that led me to explore the artistic world and aroused in me a curiosity to be part of it. However, without the support of my family I felt very insecure to continue on that path and decided to study medicine, but over time I realized that this was no my dream; It did not give me the happiness I was looking for. In that attempt to please others I stopped listening to what I really wanted and dreamed. I had abandoned all those plans and projects I had had since I was a child. After a long time of pleasing others I decided that it was enough, and that I had to find my own way. I came to Mexico City trying to fulfill that dream I had, I started working and studying, but always listening to what I really needed, and that opened many doors for me. I had the pleasure to work with great actors in Mexico and in New York city; Experience that brought professional growth to my life. But most important: I understood that when you embrace your passion, all things take their place.

What has been the most exciting role you have played?

All the roles that I have interpreted have been very exciting that I would not know which one to choose. All have been huge challenges!

What is something you know today, and wish you had known when you started your career?

When I started my career I had a feeling of frustration and pressure. I thought I had wasted time studying other things. Now I understand that everything is perfect like that. Having studied that was an experience I needed in my way and my life.

Of all the exciting things about being an actress, what do you like the most? 

What I like most is how much I learn from each experience, every character is a challenge. By embracing the character as she is; with her virtues and defects I also embrace those qualities of mine and then something changes. That's what I like the most, the gift they leave in me.

Do you remember something funny or embarrassing that happened to you while you were filming a scene?

 A few months ago I was playing a role of a girl with serious emotional problems, who visually did not look very good. I was alone in the street, waiting for the taxi to arrive to record my scene. A lady with a bike passes by, she looks at me with a worried face and asks me if I'm okay or if I need some help at the same time that she examined my whole face and body. I was very surprised and at the same time I was very happy because I said to myself "wow I'm doing a great job" first I looked at her with the same worried face and then I smiled and told her that everything was fine. All the production team was laughing!

Any advice you want to share with Latina women who want to be professional actresses or models? Everything is possible! It is not fast and the process can be discouraging but when we learn to listen to ourselves, any dream becomes possible and that becomes motivation. As Latinas we have great passion and enormous strength, which becomes a tool to achieve our goals.

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