Xipi~teca celebrates the magic in all women of color and all body types by personalizing everything they make. Invoking the spirit of femininity, amor y cultura. The sisters who began the company were raised watching their mother hustle to care for their family. Adriana, the creator, always thought of herself as an artist. Through her freelance work as a photographer, she discovered her love for fashion. Even through her shy nature, her voice rings powerful through the items she creates. Gaby, the organizer and hustler half of the company, she keeps to the consciousness entrepreneurship of the company. Her dedication and passion for equality helps Xipi~teca move adelante in conscious entrepreneurship. Just like the sisters, Xipi~teca embraces all bodies and is made custom for a personal and positive experience.

It is very important to be yourself. There are so many versions and pictures of what the world wants you to be out there. The norm is already set. It is up to you to stay strong and be authentic. The world deserves to hear your voice and your story, and maybe then we can break the cycle of that one-set vision the media continues to aggravate. Xipi~teca moves to stay true to Adriana’s and Gaby’s culture and vision.


Cielito Lindo Off-The-Shoulder
Sale price $59.99 Regular price $52.77

Cross Sparkly Necklace
Price $22.00

Celestial Babe Off The Shoulder
price $$77.77

Framed Self~Healing Arte
price $177.77

Florecita Retro Ruffle Two~Piece
Price $137.77

Divina Muxer Saint Hoodie
price $$177.77

Cascade Rosary Ring
price $17.77

Diablera Amor Two~Piece
Price $37.77

Virgencita Protection Ring
 price $$20.00

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